How do I remove an arbitration mailbox?

How do I remove an arbitration mailbox?

Arbitration mailboxes should be moved to another server; to do this, run the command New-MoveRequest Parameters. If this is the last server in the organization, run the command Disable-Mailbox Mailbox ID -Arbitration -DisableLastArbitrationMailboxAllowed to disable the arbitration mailbox.

How do I remove an Exchange database from Adsiedit?

Right-click the Exchange Server 2003 server object, and then click Delete. Click Yes in every adsiedit dialog box that prompts user to confirm the deletion.

How do I force delete a mailbox in Exchange 2016?

To disable a public folder mailbox so that you can delete the mailbox database, run the command Disable-Mailbox -PublicFolder. To disable a Audit mailbox so that you can delete the mailbox database, run the command Get-Mailbox -AuditLog | Disable-Mailbox.

Do I need to move arbitration mailboxes?

If you don’t move the arbitration mailboxes, you cannot delete the mailbox database. You have installed a higher version of Exchange Server in the organization. You want to decommission the Exchange Server that is hosting the arbitration mailboxes.

What is an arbitration mailbox?

Arbitration mailboxes are used for storing different types of system data and for managing messaging approval workflow.

Can I delete Healthmailboxes?

You can delete them, yes. Then restart the Microsoft Exchange Health Manager, MSExchangeHM service on each 2013 server to recreate them.

How do I force delete an Exchange database?

Navigate to Configuration > Services > Microsoft Exchange > {Organisation name} > Administrative Groups > {Administrative-Group-Name} > Databases >Delete the database from here (BE CAREFUL CHECK TWICE, DELETE ONCE!).

How do I delete an Exchange database?

Steps to Remove Mailbox Database in Exchange Server

  1. Right-click on Start.
  2. Click on Run and type msc.
  3. Open Configuration/Configuration Services.
  4. Open Microsoft Exchange/ “your organization”
  5. Open Administrative Groups and Exchange Administrative Groups.
  6. Open Databases and delete the desired databases from the list.

How do I delete a mailbox database?

How to delete mailbox database in Exchange Server

  1. Unmount the mailbox database.
  2. Delete the mailbox database.
  3. Remove the database files.

How do I move Exchange mailboxes?

Use the EAC to move the system mailbox , and then click Move to a different database. On the Select Mailbox page, add the mailbox that has the following properties: The display name is Microsoft Exchange. The alias of the mailbox’s email address is SystemMailbox{e0dc1c29-89c3-4034-b678-e6c29d823ed9}.

What is a Healthmailbox?

It uses special type of mailboxes, called Monitoring Mailboxes or health mailboxes, to simulate end-user kinds of tests. The life cycle of monitoring mailboxes is taken care entirely by Managed Availability components.

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