How do I remove unused packages from Arch Linux?

How do I remove unused packages from Arch Linux?

  1. 1 Clean pkg cache. List packages. ls /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ | less.
  2. 2 remove unused packages. List unused sudo pacman -Qtdq. Remove unused sudo pacman -R $(pacman -Qtdq)
  3. 3 Clean home cache. cache is located in ~/.cache.
  4. 4 Config Files. stored in ~/.config/
  5. 5 Find and remove. install rmlint package sudo pacman -S rm lint .

How do I remove an orphan package from Arch Linux?

1. Clean package cache

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  2. Delete the PKG cache to save space.
  3. Showing the Paccache help.
  4. Running paccache.
  5. The paccache status in systemd is active.
  6. Now paccache will run after pacman.
  7. Showing the orphan packages.
  8. Removing the orphan packages.

How do I clear my arch cache?

You can clean the cached packages by running sudo pacman -Sc command. However, this command will remove all cached old versions and leave only the versions of packages which are currently installed available.

How do I remove a package with dependencies Arch?

Removing a Package and All the Dependencies with Pacman Just press y and then press to remove all of these packages.

Should I remove orphan packages?

During regular system maintenance jobs, software packages will be pulled in as dependencies of other packages. When the other packages are removed from the system, these dependencies will remain and become orphaned packages. It is recommended to remove orphaned packages so that no unnecessary space is used.

Where are apps installed Arch Linux?

1 Answer

  • for apps that follow the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and are installed by system package manager (in case of Arch pacman ), /usr/ tree is used.
  • for apps that follow FHS principles, but are installed per hand (commonly compiled via make and installed via make install ), /usr/local/ is the right place.

How do I find my packages in Arch?

You can use pacman or pkgfile command to search for a package in Arch Linux using a bash shell prompt.

Is it safe to clear pacman cache?

Warning: One should avoid deleting from the cache all past versions of installed packages and all uninstalled packages unless one desperately needs to free some disk space. This will prevent downgrading or reinstalling packages without downloading them again.