How do I reset my Bravos XL dryer?

How do I reset my Bravos XL dryer?

To reset the dryer if an error code occurs, press “Power/Cancel” twice and then reselect a cycle and press “Start.”

How many cubic feet is Maytag Bravos XL dryer?

7.3-cu ft
Using the power of steam technology, this 7.3-cu ft extra-large capacity electric dryer can reduce wrinkles and keep clothing looking fresh.

Why is my Maytag Bravos dryer not getting hot?

If your Maytag dryer is not heating, it is possible that it is not being supplied with the proper voltage. Most electric dryers require two legs of 120 volts AC that is equal 240 volts. If one leg of voltage is shut off by a tripped breaker or blown fuse, the dryer may be able to run but it will not heat.

Where is the thermal fuse on a Maytag Bravos XL dryer?

This fuse is located on the exhaust duct. If the dryer overheats, the thermal fuse opens to cut off power to the dryer.

Where is the reset button on Maytag dryer?

The Maytag dryer Check Vent light can be reset by pressing the ‘Power/Cancel’ button twice. You can also unplug the dryer from its power source for at least 30 seconds. Select a timed dry cycle to see if the error code has been reset and the dryer will now start.

How much is Maytag Bravos XL dryer?

Compare Similar Electric Dryers

current product
Maytag Maytag Maytag
Bravos XL 7.3 cu. ft. Electric Dryer in White 7.0 cu. ft. 240-Volt White Electric Vented Dryer with Wrinkle Control Bravos X 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer in White
$74900 $59800 $799.00 Save $201.00 (25%)
(488) (8767) (575)

What size is Maytag Bravos XL washer?

4.5 cu. ft.
At 4.5 cu. ft. of capacity, Bravos XL HE washers are capable of washing even your largest loads. These washers have the ability to clean 21 towels in a single load….Maytag MVWB725BW.

Electrical Requirements: 120V; 60Hz; 15A
Product Depth: 27 5/8″
Product Height: 42″
Product Width: 27 9/16″

How do you check the thermal fuse on a Bravos XL dryer?

The thermal fuse for your model is on the top of the blower wheel housing. The service manual tells you how to access it after you remove the front panel.

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