How do I run a lisp in Emacs?

How do I run a lisp in Emacs?

To load an Emacs Lisp file, type M-x load-file . This command reads a file name using the minibuffer, and executes the contents of that file as Emacs Lisp code. It is not necessary to visit the file first; this command reads the file directly from disk, not from an existing Emacs buffer.

What is autoload in Emacs?

emacs file. autoload is a built-in function that takes up to five arguments, the final three of which are optional. The first argument is the name of the function to be autoloaded; the second is the name of the file to be loaded.

Does Emacs come with Lisp?

It is used for implementing most of the editing functionality built into Emacs, the remainder being written in C, as is the Lisp interpreter. Emacs Lisp is also termed Elisp, although there is also an older, unrelated Lisp dialect with that name….Emacs Lisp.

Influenced by
Common Lisp, Maclisp

What does #’ mean in Emacs Lisp?

So the #’ can help find errors (probably typos) early. Function-quoting also helps with a top-down programming style, since the byte-compiler will then list the functions you have not yet implemented (but will miss functions specified with a normal quote).

How do I run a LISP code?

Steps to run Lisp programs on CUIT or CS machines: Step 0: Login into your account. Step 1: Execute “lisp” on the CUIT machines to enter Allegro Common Lisp environment. Alternatively, execute “clisp” on the CS machines to start GNU CLISP. Step 2: Use “load” function to load lisp files into lisp environment.

What is autoload in zsh?

autoload tells zsh to look for a file in $FPATH / $fpath containing a function definition, instead of a file in $PATH / $path containing an executable script or binary.

What does require do in Emacs?

Normally, require returns feature . If loading the file succeeds but does not provide feature , require signals an error about the missing feature. This function returns t if feature has been provided in the current Emacs session (i.e., if feature is a member of features .)

Is Lisp still used?

LISP. One of the old languages, LISP, has lost its fame and started its journey to death. The language is being rarely used by developers these days.

How do I run a Lisp program in Ubuntu?

With CLISP under a unix (like Ubuntu) you can simply add a shebang to the top of your file #!/path/to/clisp and in Ubuntu that would be #!/usr/bin/clisp and it will execute the code as a script. You need the file to contain proper Common Lisp file like: #!/usr/bin/clisp (princ “Hello, world!”)

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