How do I sort the contents of a file in Unix?

How do I sort the contents of a file in Unix?

Options with Sort Command

  1. Option -r. In Unix, sort command with ‘r’ option gives you to sort the contents in reverse order.
  2. Option -n. In Unix, when you try to sort a file in a numeric way, you can use the option ‘-n’ with the sort command.
  3. Option -nr.
  4. Option -k.
  5. Option -c.
  6. Option -u.
  7. Option -M.

How do I sort files in Shell?

Sort a File Numerically To sort a file containing numeric data, use the -n flag with the command. By default, sort will arrange the data in ascending order. If you want to sort in descending order, reverse the arrangement using the -r option along with the -n flag in the command.

How do you sort a file alphabetically in Unix?

The sort command sorts the contents of a file, in numeric or alphabetic order, and prints the results to standard output (usually the terminal screen). The original file is unaffected. The output of the sort command will then be stored in a file named newfilename in the current directory.

What is the command used to sort a file?

SORT command
SORT command is used to sort a file, arranging the records in a particular order. By default, the sort command sorts file assuming the contents are ASCII. Using options in the sort command can also be used to sort numerically. SORT command sorts the contents of a text file, line by line.

How do I sort a text file?

Although there’s no straightforward way to sort a text file, we can achieve the same net result by doing the following: 1) Use the FileSystemObject to read the file into memory; 2) Sort the file alphabetically in memory; 3) Replace the existing contents of the file with the sorted data we have in memory.

How do I sort files by size in Unix?

The -S option is the key, telling the ls command to sort the file listing by size. The -h option tells ls to make the output human readable, and -r tells it to reverse the output, so in this case the largest files are shown at the end of the output.

How do I sort by file size?

To list all files and sort them by size, use the -S option. By default, it displays output in descending order (biggest to smallest in size). You can output the file sizes in human-readable format by adding the -h option as shown. And to sort in reverse order, add the -r flag as follows.

How do I sort by size in Unix?

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