How do I specify vagrant provider?

How do I specify vagrant provider?

Once a provider is installed, you can use it by calling vagrant up with the –provider flag. This will force Vagrant to use that specific provider. No other configuration is necessary! In normal day-to-day usage, the –provider flag is not necessary since Vagrant can usually pick the right provider for you.

How does vagrant up work?

With the help of vagrant, developers can simply checkout a repository containing a Vagrantfile(a file that has all configuration details, for setting up an entire development environment), and run a command called vagrant up, and within minutes a brand new development environment is ready without any manual …

What is the command to start a vagrant box?

Command: vagrant box repackage NAME PROVIDER VERSION The name, provider, and version of the box can be retrieved using vagrant box list . When you add a box, Vagrant unpacks it and stores it internally.

How do you use vagrant boxes?

┬╗Finding and Using Boxes

  1. Go to the Discover page, and search for any box you want.
  2. Once you find a box, click its name to learn more about it.
  3. When you’re ready to use it, copy the name, such as “hashicorp/bionic64” and initialize your Vagrant project with vagrant init hashicorp/bionic64 .

What is vagrant base box?

Boxes are the package format for Vagrant environments. A box can be used by anyone on any platform that Vagrant supports to bring up an identical working environment. The vagrant box utility provides all the functionality for managing boxes.

What is a Vagrant provider?

Vagrant uses Providers such as hypervisors (e.g VirtualBox, Hyper-V) or Docker to create and run virtual environments. Vagrant uses Provisioners (e.g Ansible, Puppet, Chef) as configuration tools to customize these environments, e.g carrying out installs and starting apps.

What is a vagrant box?

Vagrant is an open-source tool that allows you to create, configure, and manage boxes of virtual machines through an easy to use command interface. Essentially, it is a layer of software installed between a virtualization tool (such as VirtualBox, Docker, Hyper-V) and a VM.

How do I load a vagrant box?

Run vagrant box add my-box downloaded….Solution for Windows:

  1. Open the cmd or powershell as admin.
  2. CD into the folder containing the . box file.
  3. vagrant box add –name name_of_my_box ‘name_of_my_box. box’
  4. vagrant box list should show the new box in the list.

Where are vagrant boxes?

As mentioned in the docs, boxes are stored at: Mac OS X and Linux: ~/. vagrant. d/boxes.

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