How do I update data in RethinkDB?

How do I update data in RethinkDB?

Once a document is stored in a RethinkDB table, it can be changed using the update() command. This command accepts a JSON document or ReQL expression as input and returns the number of updated documents.

How do I access RethinkDB?

Once RethinkDB is running, you can connect to it at http://localhost:8080, assuming you’ve kept the default port (8080) and it’s running on your local machine. By default, RethinkDB binds the web interface to localhost for security reasons.

Who is using RethinkDB?

Who is using RethinkDB in production? RethinkDB is being used in production by hundreds of technology startups, consulting studios, and Fortune 500 companies. Here are some example use cases (possibly out of date): Jive Software uses RethinkDB to power reactive web and mobile apps.

How do I run RethinkDB on Windows?

Running RethinkDB You’ll need to start the Windows command shell. Use the cd command to go to the directory that you unpacked rethinkdb.exe in. Then, you can start RethinkDB with its default options. You can also use any of the command line options to control configuration (as well as specify a configuration file).

Is RethinkDB alive?

RethinkDB hit the skids, but not because MongoDB. Instead, the cloud is to blame. In a thoughtful and unsparing post, RethinkDB founder Slava Akhmechet used 2,598 words to detail the reasons for the open source database startup’s ultimate decline.

What happened to RethinkDB?

After more than seven years of development, the company behind RethinkDB is shutting down. We worked very hard to make RethinkDB successful, but in spite of all our efforts we were ultimately unable to build a sustainable business.

How do I download RethinkDB?

To build RethinkDB under Windows, you’ll need to download and extract the archive at Requirements and build directions are in the file.

Is RethinkDB dead?

Is RethinkDB maintained?

RethinkDB maintains availability if the user increases or decreases the number of replicas in the cluster. In most cases, the replication process should not have a strong performance impact on the real-time system. RethinkDB may or may not maintain availability if the user modifies the number of shards.

How install RethinkDB Linux?

Add the RethinkDB repository to your list of repositories and then install via apt-get :

  1. Linux Mint 16. echo “deb saucy main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rethinkdb.list.
  2. Linux Mint 17.
  3. Linux Mint 18.
  4. Install RethinkDB.

Is RethinkDB still supported?

On October 5, 2016, the company announced it was shutting down, transitioning members of its engineering team to Stripe, and would no longer offer production support.

How do I download Rethinkdb?