How do I update MediaWiki to latest version?

How do I update MediaWiki to latest version?

cPanel File Manager

  1. Navigate to the directory that holds your wiki folder.
  2. Upload the mediawiki-1.
  3. Extract the mediawiki-1.
  4. Confirm that the mediawiki-1.
  5. Delete the tar.
  6. Copy all necessary skins, extensions, image folders, customizations, and the LocalSettings.php into the new folder. (
  7. When you are ready to run update.

How do I speed up MediaWiki?

User:Aaron Schulz/How to make MediaWiki fast

  1. Use cache.
  2. To LocalSettings.
  3. Set $wgCacheDirectory (above) for use with interface message caching.
  4. Set up squid servers if possible.
  5. Set up Memcached if possible.
  6. Run.
  7. Set $wgJobRunRate to 0 and set up a crontab or shell script to run jobs (like this with this for example).

What is the purpose of a MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is an extremely powerful, scalable software and a feature-rich wiki implementation that uses PHP to process and display data stored in a database, such as MySQL. Pages use MediaWiki’s wikitext format, so that users without knowledge of HTML or CSS can edit them easily.

How do I find my MediaWiki version?

If you go to the main page of the wiki and in the sidebar click on ‘special pages’ under ‘Tools’ and then click on ‘version’ under ‘Wiki data and tools’ It will give you the version and php etc.

How do I install a wiki?

Installing MediaWiki

  1. Upload the MediaWiki file that you downloaded to your web server via FTP.
  2. Log into your server via SSH, then decompress the file on the server.
  3. Confirm that the MediaWiki files are in your domain’s web directory.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  5. Upload the LocalSettings.

Who uses MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is used by organizations ranging from SFMOMA to NASA, allowing teams to maintain their documentation in one extensible and adaptable place. While wiki software is a type of content management software, it has one major difference from most other CMS systems. There are no defined content owners or leaders.

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