How do I use Lync on my phone?

How do I use Lync on my phone?

For Android Devices Once you search for Lync 2013 in the Google Play Store, download and install it on your device. Once the application is installed, go to your applications screen and select the Lync icon. Enter your University username ( and CampusID password. Select “Sign In.”

Can you still use Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft Teams replaced Lync, and it has all the features of Lync plus powerful capabilities that make it easier to connect, share, and collaborate across devices and locations. It’s part of most Microsoft 365 Apps for business plans.

Is Microsoft Lync the same as Skype?

Lync was renamed Skype for Business in April 2015. Along with a new name came some new features and a fresh new look. It’s pretty cool, and you can read more about it at Explore Skype for Business.

Does Skype for Business work on Android?

Does Skype for Business run on all versions of Android? Skype for Business runs on Android 4.0 and later.

What is a Lync phone?

You can use Lync to call your contacts, or dial a number just like a regular phone. Then you can mute, unmute, transfer the call or use the in-call dial pad to interact with automated audio systems. All you need is your computer speakers and microphone, or a headset connected to your computer.

What is the meaning of Lync?

I guess the word “Lync” came form the meaning of “Link”. Lync is the combination of several communications platforms such as Audio, Video, Presence and conference. Lync is the combination of all those platforms together.

How do I access Microsoft Lync?

Sign in to Lync for the first time

  1. On the computer or device that you installed Lync on, click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Lync, and then click Lync 2013.
  2. Enter your Microsoft 365 password, and then click Sign in. Notes: If you don’t know your password, contact your workplace technical support.

How do I download Skype for Business on Android?

Open the “Play Store” from your apps on your phone: Search for “Skype for Business” in the search bar and select the “Skype for Business for Android” from the results: Page 2 Select “Install” Page 3 Once installed, select “Open” Page 4 When the app first opens, you will be asked for a number of permissions.

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