How do I use the pan behind the tool in After Effects?

How do I use the pan behind the tool in After Effects?

Activate the Pan-Behind Tool by hitting the (Y) key on your keyboard. You can also select the Pan-Behind Tool in the toolbar at the top of the After Effects interface.

How do you put a keyframe behind a pan?

The ‘Pan Behind’ Tool – Keyframing the pan behind You now have a keyframe for these two parameters at the first frame. So move your timeline ahead to the time that coincides with the final position of the pan. Then click and drag on the masked layer in the Comp window to the final position of the pan.

How do I change the anchor point without changing the position in After Effects?

If you change anchor point under Transform you will move the layer. To change the anchor point without moving the layer, use the Pan Behind tool (shortcut is Y). Click on the anchor point and move it to the desired location, then press V to switch back to the Selection tool.

How do I turn on anchor points in After Effects?

Solution: The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+Home on Windows and Command+Option+Home on Mac OS. You can also Ctrl+double-click (Windows) or Command+double-click the Pan Behind (Anchor Point) tool to invoke this command.

Which tool would you use to reposition a layer?

The Move tool helps you position selected content or layers when customizing your work. Select the Move tool (V) . Use the Options bar to customize tool settings, like Alignment and Distribution, to get the effect you want. Click on an element—like a layer, selection or artboard—to move it.

How do you keep a layer position in After Effects?

Layers selected in the timeline have control handles that you can use to transform the layer directly in the Composition panel.

  1. Drag any handle to distort the layer. Shift-drag a handle to keep the layer’s proportions as it is transformed.
  2. Drag inside the handles to reposition a layer in the composition.

How do you move an anchor point without moving position?

To move your anchor point without moving the entire layer, you need to select the “Pan-Behind Tool”. You can do this by either clicking the icon on the top toolbar or by hitting the (Y) key on your keyboard.

How do I center an anchor point in After Effects shortcut?

To center them, all we have to do is just select them and use the same keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+HOME on a PC/COMMAND+OPTION+HOME on a MAC. When we do that, all the anchor points will snap to the center of each object.