How do I work for JROTC?

How do I work for JROTC?

How to become a JROTC instructor

  1. Retire from the armed services. All JROTC instructors must be retired non-commissioned officers or officers in their military branch.
  2. Obtain a teaching license.
  3. Submit appropriate forms.
  4. Complete training.
  5. Participate in an interview.
  6. Receive referral.
  7. Apply for vacancies.

How much do Army JROTC instructors make?

No person being appointed can sign the memo. JROTC HQ must have current DD form 2754 and DD form 2767 on working instructors, to view form instructions and download the forms, click here….

Basic Pay $8,762.40
Adjusted Pay $10,494.78
Less Gross RP $4,769.44
MIP $5,725.34

How can I join Army JROTC?

To join JROTC, look for it as an elective in your school’s course offerings. High schools without their own JROTC program often have agreements with nearby schools, so if your school doesn’t have a program, you may be able to participate in a neighboring school’s program.

How do I become an officer in JROTC?

The Paths to Becoming an Officer

  1. Attend a senior military college or service academy.
  2. Enroll at a traditional college or university with a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.
  3. Attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) after graduating from college.
  4. Receive a direct commission after earning a professional degree.

Is JROTC instructor a good job?

Indeed Featured review. Teaching JROTC was very rewarding but plenty of long days and some weekends if you are a dedicated instructor. Teaching was the easiest part for me as I was an Army instructor prior to working for JROTC. Loved the other teachers, staff, and support personnel with my school.

How does JROTC pay work?

The Military Services will reimburse each JROTC program school for JROTC instructor pay at the rate of one half the amount of the difference between the instructor’s retired or retainer pay and the amount of active duty pay and allowances (excluding hazardous and special duty pays) the instructor would receive when …

What are the benefits of joining JROTC?

For anyone thinking about joining ROTC, here are 10 reasons to consider doing so.

  • Scholarship Benefits.
  • Receive a $420 a Month Stipend.
  • Build Leadership Skills.
  • Attend Challenging Training & Internships.
  • Improve Your Physical Fitness.
  • Serve A Cause Bigger Than Yourself.
  • Well Paying Job After Graduation.

Does JROTC pay for college?

Using JROTC to Pay for College. JROTC cadets can start earning school-specific scholarships as early as 9th grade. These scholarships cover the cost of an education at 260 different colleges. Select schools offer up to $6,000 for each year in a JROTC program.

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