How do you adjust K Jetronic fuel injection?

How do you adjust K Jetronic fuel injection?

Remove one injector line from the top of the fuel distributor, and while looking into the injector port in the top of the fuel distributor turn the mixture adjustment screw clockwise until the port just starts to fill with fuel then turn the mixture screw 1/2 turn counter clockwise.

How does KE Jetronic work?

KE-Jetronic (1985–1993) Instead of injecting fuel into the intake, this injector allows fuel to bypass the fuel distributor, which varies the fuel pressure supplied to the mechanical injection components based on several inputs (engine speed, air pressure, coolant temperature, throttle position, lambda etc.)

How does a fuel metering head work?

When the engine is cold, the warm up regulator is open, allowing fuel to pass through it. This reduces the pressure acting downwards on the plunger in the metering head, allowing it to lift higher than normal so allowing more fuel to the injectors and giving a richer mixture.

How do you remove K Jetronic injectors?

To remove an injector, you screw the nut all the way to the top of the threads, slip the cylinder up over the threaded portion of the tool, & screw the threaded end finger tight onto the injector.

Is K-Jetronic reliable?

All in all, K-jet is a pretty reliable system. Most of its problems are created by people who don’t know how to work on it. I would replace all of the boots and air lines you can and go from there.

How does a warm up regulator work?

The warm-up regulator PN 102353 [WUR], also known as the control pressure regulator, generates a secondary fuel pressure that sits on top of the plunger in the fuel distributor to offer resistance to its movement. It is located on the driver’s side valve cover, just behind the oil filler cap.

How is the pressure controlled in the fuel injection system?

The pump maintains the rail pressure by continuously delivering fuel to the common rail. This pressure is monitored by a pressure sensor and the difference between the nominal rail pressure value and the measured one is the input signal for the controller.

How does Bosch K Jetronic work?

The injection valves of the K-Jetronic work purely mechanically from an opening pressure of 3.3 bar. The amount supplied by the control piston pushes the valve needle open more or less and leads to a rattling noise. The valve needle vibrates in its seat due to the fuel flowing past.