How do you beat Chimerageist FFX?

How do you beat Chimerageist FFX?

Chimerageist is susceptible to Doom, but the player would need to wait 200 turns for the death effect to occur. A much faster way is to cast Hastega and hit it with strong attacks with characters sporting good defense stats.

Can you beat Kimahri?

The player should use all of their most powerful attacks on Kimahri. Characters and creatures at Level 99 with maxed out Strength and Break Damage Limit can defeat Kimahri with approximately five or six uses of Fireworks, Meteor, or Ultima, although more may be needed if Kimahri uses Mighty Guard.

How do you beat Qactuar?

The easiest way to defeat Qactuars is to use any Overdrive, any offensive items (Electro Marbles deal 600 damage, enough to kill a Qactuar in one hit), or a special attack from an aeon.

How much health does cactuar King have?

Whenever you target the Cactuar King, it will counter with 10,000 Needles, which as you guessed from the name, does 10,000 damage to a random character. On its normal turns, it can do the above, but it can also do 99,999 Needles, the max HP you could ever have.

How much health does Chimerageist have?


HP Overkill AP
120,000 10,000 8,000

How much HP does Catoblepas have FFX?

Catoblepas Basic Information

Name Catoblepas
HP(Overkill) 550000 (10000) 160
AP(Overkill) 8000 (8000)
Drop (7/8) Three Stars 1 (2) Dark Matter 1 (2)
steal (3/4) Healing Spring 3 Stamina Tonic 1

How do you beat Biran and yenke?

Strategy. Physical attacks are more effective when Biran and Yenke are separated. Lancet or Hi-Potions can be used to heal. The player should use Aqua Breath when Biran and Yenke are together and Fire Breath when they are separate.

How did Kimahri lose his horn?

Though Kimahri could never beat Biran in a contest of strength, he never admitted defeat. Angered by Kimahri’s unbroken spirit, Biran broke off half of Kimahri’s horn, which would never grow back.

How do you capture a Cactuar in FFX?

The best strategy for defeating a Cactuar is to use attacks that can’t miss. Specifically, this means using your Overdrives, or having Rikku use her Use Special Ability and throwing a Grenade.

How do I get Jumbo Cactuar?

Data. Jumbo Cactuar is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII. He pops up as a curious green cactus in the Cactuar Island, which can be reached on the Ragnarok airship. Defeating the Jumbo Cactuar gains a new Guardian Force, Cactuar.

Can you get to Cactuar Island with balamb garden?

Take Balamb Garden up on to that beach and then disembark and walk through the narrow causeway. Make your way across the Kashkabald Desert towards Cactuar Island once you get through and use Diablos’ “Enc-None” ability so you can avoid random encounters.