How do you bind a large stack of papers?

How do you bind a large stack of papers?

Here are several ways you can bind thick documents:

  1. Plastic comb binding. Plastic comb binding is perfect for long documents.
  2. Color coil binding.
  3. Wire binding.
  4. Thermal binding.
  5. Unibind.
  6. GBC Velobind and SureBind.
  7. Screw posts.

What is a staple free stapler?

The stapleless stapler offers a new way to staple, without staples. The stapleless stapler punches a small hole in papers and tucks the punched-out tab under the bottom sheet to keep papers together. The stapleless stapler fastens up to 5 sheets at a time and made is durable plastic. White in color.

What are 10 uses for a stapler Besides stapling?

Interview Answers

  • stapling papers together (Staplers don’t use pins…they use staples).
  • hemming pants that are too long.
  • nailing co-workers to the cubical wall 4) melting it down and casting 25 mm figures for wargames 5) Sell it on Craigslist to someone that has staples but no stapler.

Is a stapler a second or third class lever?

A Stapler is a class 3 lever.

How do you load a 502 Ace liner stapler?

To load, simply pull very slightly up and then out on the rear push-rod head. The head is the part on the rear that is a chrome round ring surrounding a colored plastic disc. Pull the rod all the way to the end and then swing it upwards. You can then insert your staples.

How does a heavy duty stapler work?

They use expanding gas to push the staple out of the gun, (very much like a real gun,) except that there is no powder to ignite as with a weapon, just compressed propellant gas, activated by pistons reacting to a gas-powered air compressor.

How do I fix my electric stapler?


  1. Place an object between the stapler and the base to try and unjam it.
  2. Open the top of the stapler and remove the excess staples.
  3. Pull the tray away from the base to gain better access to the jam.
  4. Use a sharp object to push the jammed staple up from the bottom.

Why does my stapler not work?

If nothing is coming out of the stapler at all, a staple jam is most likely the issue. Open the staple gun and remove the bar of staples. A flat head screwdriver or butter knife can often remove visible staples. If the staple cannot be seen, attempt to slide the screwdriver through the feed to dislodge it.

What is used to hold papers together?

A binder clip, less commonly known as a paper clamp or foldover clip or bobby clip, is a simple device for binding sheets of paper together.

Why does my staple gun not work?

When any important part is broken or worn out, the tool simply won’t work. Before you start using a staple gun, check to ensure the spring, hammer, and rail are correctly assembled and undamaged. Small variances can gum up the works and cause staples to jam or defeat the spring or hammer mechanisms.

How do you refill an electric stapler?


  1. Lift up the cover of the electric stapler.
  2. Pull the end of the staple strip out of the cartridge, and tear off the end against the cartridge.
  3. Slide the cartridge down into the cartridge holder, with the staple strip facing the bottom and the end of it toward the front of the stapler.

How do you fix a stapler problem?

Use a sharp object to push the jammed staple up from the bottom. Any of the following should work: tweezers, scissors, a flathead screwdriver, or needle-nosed pliers. Push the prongs of the jammed staple upward to try and loosen it from the grip of the stapler.

How do you unjam a Stanley pht150?

How do you unjam it?…Here’s what you do….

  1. Remove the staple loading spring assembly and any staples that will fall out the way they went in.
  2. In the rubber handle, there is a hole on one side where a pin goes through.
  3. Once you get the pin out, you can drop the internals out the front-bottom end of the stapler.

What is the best hammer stapler?

Our Picks

  • Arrow Fastener Arrow Fastener HT50P Heavy Duty Tacker. Durable Chrome Finish. View on Amazon.
  • Esselte Corporation Home Improvement Rapid R19 Fine Wire Tacker. All Steel Construction. View on Amazon.
  • DEWALT DWHTHT450 Dewalt Heavy-Duty Tacker. Dewalt Heavy-Duty Hammer Tacker. View on Amazon.

How do you unjam a heavy duty stapler?

How to Fix a Jammed Heavy-Duty Stapler

  1. Firmly grab the handle of the heavy-duty stapler.
  2. Pull out the remaining good staple clip and set it aside.
  3. Grab the jammed staple with the needle-nosed pliers and pull it out.
  4. Insert the solid clip of staples back into the head of the stapler.

What is the use of stapler?

A stapler is a mechanical device that joins pages of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends. Staplers are widely used in government, business, offices, work places, homes and schools.

What is the use of the other side of the stapler?

The other setting, the one that splays the staple points outward, is for temporarily attaching papers that are intended to be separated again. The attachment is looser, and it’s easier to remove the staple without chewing up the corners of the pages.

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