How do you calculate AUC for vancomycin?

How do you calculate AUC for vancomycin?

How To Calculate AUC24 for Vancomycin. AUC24 is calculated using either Bayesian modeling, which falls outside the scope of this document, or a more transparent “trapezoidal” model, which calculates AUC through the measurement of two trapezoids which fill most of the area under the curve.

How do you calculate vancomycin peak?

Using the first-order elimination equation (Cp=Cp0∗e−kt), a true peak (Cmax) can be calculated using the time elapsed between the end of the vancomycin infusion and the first drug concentration (Cp0).

How is vancomycin half life calculated?

Other pharmacists use the half-life (t1/2) equation (t1/2 = 0.693/Kel) to estimate how long to wait to reach the goal trough, using the Matzke equation to calculate the elimination constant (Kel) for vancomycin1: Kel=0.00083×(CrCl)+0.0044, Thus,t1/2=0.6930.00083×(CrCl)+0.0044.

How do you calculate peak and trough?

To assess drug concentrations during the trough phase, blood should be drawn immediately before the next dose. To assess peak levels, the time for drawing depends on the route of administration: Oral: One hour after drug is taken (assumes a half-life of > two hours) IV: 15-30 minutes after injection/infusion.

How do you calculate AUC MIC ratio?

The empiric AUC:MIC ratio for a vancomycin dosing regimen can be predicted in advance by a simple formula: First, divide the total daily dose of vancomycin by the estimated clearance of vancomycin. Then divide this number by the MIC.

How do you measure peak and trough levels?

How is VD calculated?

The apparent volume of distribution (Vd) for a drug is defined as the hypothetical fluid volume through which the drug is dispersed. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of drug given by the concentration of drug in plasma (Table 45.1,Eq. [3]).

What is the half-life of vancomycin?

The median half-life of vancomycin was 6.5 h.

How is vancomycin dosed?

Typically 15 to 20 mg/kg every 8 to 12 hours for most patients (based on actual body weight, rounded to the nearest 250 mg increment).

How do you level a trough?

A trough level is drawn immediately before the next dose of the drug is administered. A peak level is drawn 1 to several hours after the drug is administered (depending on the drug).

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