How do you cosplay misty?

How do you cosplay misty?

How to Dress Like Misty

  1. Cosplay Long Orange Wig See on Amazon.
  2. Yellow Rib Tank Top See on Amazon.
  3. Classic Red Backpack See on Amazon.
  4. Folded Denim Shorts See on Amazon.
  5. Pokemon Togepi Plush Toy See on Amazon.
  6. Poké Ball See on Amazon.
  7. Red Y-Back Clip Suspenders See on Amazon.
  8. Red Chuck Taylor All-Star See on Amazon.

What does Misty from Pokemon wear?

Misty has short, red hair tied into a side ponytail with blue elastic rubber band. She has green eyes and fair skin. She wears a yellow tank top that reveals her midriff, red suspenders, denim shorts that stop at her thighs and red high top sneakers with yellow lining and white laces.

What is Pokemon cosplay?

Pokémon cosplay (short for Pokémon costume play), or Pokémon dressup, is the act of dressing up in a Pokémon costume. This hobby is seen in both the Pokémon canon and among fans.

What age is Misty in Pokemon?

Misty is Ash’s first ever traveling companion, She is a 10-year-old Pokémon trainer who journeys with him throughout the first five seasons covering two whole regions, Kanto and Johto which makes her the only female companion to do so.

What color are Misty’s eyes from Pokemon?


Misty カスミ Kasumi
“The Tomboyish Mermaid!”
Eye color Black*, Brown*, Green*, Blue*
Hair color Orange, Pink*
Hometown Cerulean City

How old is Misty 2021?

Misty is 10 years old in Pokemon. This is mentioned by her in the Japanese version of the show during episode three. Misty travelled with Ash through Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, honing her skills as a Water-type Trainer along the way.

How old is Misty now?

Misty (Game)

Misty カスミ Kasumi
“The Tomboyish Mermaid!”
Age: 13 (GSCHGSS) 10 (RBGYFRLG) 12 (In Manga) 10 (In Anime)
Hometown: Cerulean City

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