How do you fix a disk that says there is not enough space?

How do you fix a disk that says there is not enough space?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press Windows Key + X and select Disk Management from the list to open the Disk Management utility.
  2. Once it loads up, go to Actions in the menu bar and select Rescan Disks. Rescanning Disks.
  3. Wait for it to complete.
  4. Check if it isolates the issue.

Why is my laptop saying there is not enough disk space?

When your computer says that there is not enough disk space, it means that your hard drive is almost full and you are unable to save large files to this drive. To fix the hard drive full issue, you can uninstall some programs, add a new hard drive or replace the drive with a larger one.

How do I make more disk space on my C drive?

#1. Increase C Drive Space with Adjacent Unallocated Space

  1. Right-click This PC/My Computer, click “Manage”, select “Disk Management” under Storage.
  2. Locate and right-click on the local disk C drive, and choose “Extend Volume”.
  3. Set and add more space to your system C drive and click “Next” to continue.

How do I convert unallocated to free space?

2 Ways to Convert Unallocated Space to Free Space

  1. Go to “This PC”, right-click it and choose “Manage” > “Disk Management”.
  2. Right-click the unallocated space and choose “New Simple Volume”.
  3. Follow the wizard to finish the remaining process.
  4. Right-click on “This PC” and choose “Manage” > “Disk Management”.

Why can’t I create a new simple volume?

Why does the New Simple Volume option show as greyed out on your computer hard drive. The basic reason is that your disk is MBR disk. Generally, due to the two limitations on MBR disk, it stops you from creating a new volume in Disk Management: There are already 4 primary partitions on the disk.

How do I resize unallocated space?

No matter where the unallocated space is, you can use “Resize/Move” to extend disk space.

  1. Right-click the partition that next to the unallocated space, select “Resize/Move.”
  2. Put the mouse on the partition and drag it to the left or right to move the unallocated space.

Can I add space to my C drive?

Right-click “This PC” and go to “Manage > Storage > Disk Management”. Step 2. Select the disk you want to extend, right-click it and click “Extend Volume”. If you don’t have unallocated space, choose the partition that is next to C drive and select “Shrink Volume” to create some free disk space.

How do I add volume to a basic disk?

To create a simple volume:

  1. At a command prompt, type diskpart.
  2. At the DISKPART prompt, type select disk 0 (Selects the disk.)
  3. At the DISKPART prompt, type create volume simple size=1000 (The size is in megabytes.)
  4. At the DISKPART prompt, type exit.