How do you Fletch broad arrows?

How do you Fletch broad arrows?

They require at least a standard magic bow to fire, and are equivalent in damage to god arrows. After the Smoking Kills quest, players can spend 300 Slayer points to learn how to fletch broad arrows. This requires 52 Fletching….

Broad arrow
Release 26 January 2005 (Update)
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Quest item No

What are broad arrows equivalent to Osrs?

At high efficiency, up to 42,800 broad arrows can be made per hour, granting up to 428,000 experience per hour. If starting from arrowshafts and feathers, this drops to 21,400 arrows and 235,000 experience per hour….Navigation.

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What do you do with broad arrows Osrs?

Broad arrows are used in Slayer to kill Kurasks and Turoths. They are more powerful than mithril arrows and slightly less powerful than adamant arrows, but are untradeable. They are purchased for 55 at all slayer equipment shops from any slayer master. They can also be purchased in bulk as broad arrowhead packs.

How many broad arrows can you make per hour?

Making broad arrows One can make up to 45,000 broad arrows per hour (making 150 broad arrows per 12 seconds) which is equal to 675,000 experience.

How do you make broad arrows Osrs?

Broad arrowheads can be made into broad arrows (by combining them with a Headless arrow) using the Fletching skill. The finished arrows are used in the Slayer skill to kill Kurasks and Turoths. They can also be purchased from any Slayer master for 55 coins each.

How much do broad arrowheads cost Osrs?

They can also be purchased from any Slayer master for 55 coins each.

Is Amethyst arrows better than Rune?

Amethyst arrows are stronger than rune arrows, are stackable, and can be used on any bow of magic or stronger. They can be created through the Fletching skill at level 82 by using 15 amethyst arrowtips on 15 headless arrows, granting 202.5 Fletching experience.

How many headless arrows can you make an hour Osrs?

To create headless arrows, use the feathers on the arrow shafts. A menu will open asking how many you want to make; click all, which will make 10 sets of 15 headless arrows. Each set of 150 takes about 12 seconds, so you can make more than 40,000 headless arrows per hour if you have enough materials.

How much do broad arrows cost Osrs?