How do you get a Golden Sun code?

How do you get a Golden Sun code?

The Password function in the Golden Sun games is a way to transfer data from the first game to the second game. The password is obtained from the first game’s Send menu, which is made accessible by holding left on the D-pad and the R shoulder button simultaneously while pressing Start on the game’s main menu.

How do you get to Mount Aleph in Golden Sun?

Read the long dialogue between the characters and Jenna, Garet will join you. Head left across the bridge to Kraden’s cottage and you will see the strangers from before. Saturos and Menardi will let you pass, then talk to Kraden and then its off to Mt. Aleph.

How do you name everyone in Golden Sun?

Name Extra Characters When you first start a new game and the screen comes up to Isaac, name him, and then before ending, press select 3 times. If you did it right, you should hear a chime. Press END and you’ll be able to name Garet, Ivan, and Mia.

How do you delete data on Golden Sun?

A Golden Sun save file must be registered as Clear Data on the game’s Continue menu in order for the Send option to appear, and a The Lost Age save file must be pre-Reunion to be able to receive transferred data.

Where is Mt Aleph?

northwestern Angara
Aleph, a dormant volcano situated in northwestern Angara, is the site of Sol Sanctum. The mountain holds many mysteries and great secrets, and the truth about its origin remains unexplained.

Where is Sheba in Golden Sun?

Sheba while staying at Babi’s Palace in Golden Sun. Sheba stays at Babi’s palace as “Babi’s guest” for quite a long period of time. Eventually, however, Babi sends some soldiers to notify her that he will be releasing her back to Lalivero.

How do I rename my character in golden sun?

It is also possible to change the names of the playable characters of the previous Golden Sun – Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia – by having Piers displayed on screen and pressing Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, and Select, which will sound a “ding” a second time if successful.

How do you use the Djinn in Golden Sun?

After being unleashed in battle, Djinn enter standby mode. Standby Djinn can then be used to perform Summons, some of most powerful attacks in game. However, Standby Djinn will not enhance a character stats. After the Summon is completed, the required Djinn will go into recovery mode.