How do you get hero experience in Travian?

How do you get hero experience in Travian?

Heroes gain experience points by fighting battles in which enemy troops die. They gain 1 experience point for every unit of crop consumed by vanquished enemies (e.g. 3 experience points for killing a Haeduan or a Bear). This works on both offense and defense.

What happens if my hero dies Travian?

– Each player can only have one hero. If this hero dies, the player will have the option to revive it.

Can I attack my own oasis Travian?

Raiding your own oases will see your own villages lose the resources, for a net return of 0 resources. In order to defend an oasis against raids you can reinforce it with troops which can be sent back via the Rally Point of the owning village and are fed by this village.

How do I get good at Travian?

Travian for Dummies: Top 5 Early Game Tips

  1. The main goal is to create a second village as early as you can, so keep your eyes on the prize.
  2. Focus on completing the task list.
  3. Join an alliance as fast as possible.
  4. Raid oases as much as possible, especially using your Hero.
  5. Try to catch natural units with hero cages.

How do you heal in hero Travian?

You can obtain Ointments either as a reward from an adventure or by winning them at the auctions. Once you have Ointments you can use them by going to your hero’s attributes page and scrolling down to your items. Simply click on your Ointments and enter a number of Ointments to use to heal your hero instantly.

How do you steal oasis in Travian?

How to capture. To capture an oasis, you need to launch attacks (raid) with your hero from the selected village to the oasis. The attacks need to be successful, that is, all enemy troops are destroyed and your hero survives the attacks.

How much resources are in Oasis Travian?

When not occupied by any player, single bonus oases can hold up to 4000 resources and double bonus oases can hold up to 8000 resources.

How many troops should I have Travian?

I would suggest having at least 2,000 defense troops in all villages and as many as possible in your capital (abbreviation: cap). The alliance will always need as much as possible!

What should I upgrade first in Travian?

If you want to reach max resource output fastest without spending any gold, building MB first and then fields is the best solution. You can shorten the lower levels as well. If you however want to build without gold, but always have the best output possible, mixing MB and field levels is indeed accurate.

How do I change my hero home village in Travian?

To use your hero from another one of your own villages you must send him there as a reinforcement and tick the “Change hero home town” box while doing so. Once your hero arrives at the village you sent him to, you will be able to control him from that village.

Where can I find elephants in Travian?

As a general rule, elephants are most commonly found in oases that are 25% wood and wheat, as well as those that are 50% wheat. So, that gives you some direction to go on when you’re exploring.

How does hospital work in Travian?

If there is a hospital in the troops’ home village, it will generate wounded and it doesn’t matter how the troops died (defending, raiding, attacking, scouting, or reinforcing).