How do you get to Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong?

How do you get to Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong?

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong is within walking distance from various bus stops along Aberdeen Tunnel / Wong Chuk Hang Road and Nam Fung Road. Available bus services along Aberdeen Tunnel / Wong Chuk Hang Road include: 37B, 37X, 38, 42, 42C, 70, 72, 72A, 75, 77, 90, 90C and 97.

What time is breakfast at Gleneagles?

0700hrs – 1030hrs
What time is breakfast served? Breakfast is currently served from 0700hrs – 1030hrs Monday to Sunday and booking is essential.

Is there parking at Gleneagles?

Our car park is open 24 hours daily. Lifts serve the basement car park from 6am – 10.30pm. From 10.30pm – 6am, please use the staircases for access to the hospital lobby. Valet parking service is available on Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5pm and on Saturday from 8.30am – 1pm, excluding Sunday and Public Holiday.

Who owns Gleneagles Hospital Singapore?

IHH Healthcare
It is part of Parkway Pantai, itself a subsidiary of the Malaysian–Singaporean private healthcare group IHH Healthcare.

Is breakfast included at Gleneagles?

At Gleneagles Guesthouse you can expect an excellent breakfast, after a restful night’s sleep. Included in the price of your stay is a freshly prepared, home cooked full English breakfast or alternative of your choice, waited to your table.

Is Gleneagles adult only?

A beautiful lagoon-shaped pool is perfect for family fun, while an adult-only pool rewards those looking for a more invigorating swimming session.

What is Gleneagles Hospital famous for?

Gleneagles Hospital medical oncology specialist centre has what it takes to provide a holistic approach in assisting and advising patients on the various aspects related to cancer care from treatment options to its side effects as well as pre- and post-treatment lifestyle changes and care.

What is a Gleneagle?

/ɡlenˈiːɡlz/ /ɡlenˈiːɡlz/ ​a pair of famous golf courses (called the King’s course and the Queen’s course) belonging to a hotel in central Scotland.

Do Gleneagles allow dogs?

All of Gleneagles’ 232 rooms are dog-friendly including six luxury suites. Small to medium-sized dogs can stay with you in your room.

What is Gleneagles famous for?

Gleneagles is world-renowned for its golf and offers four courses. There are three 18-hole courses and a nine-hole par three course that is ideal for beginners and families.

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