How do you graph an inequality?

How do you graph an inequality?

How to Graph a Linear Inequality

  1. Rearrange the equation so “y” is on the left and everything else on the right.
  2. Plot the “y=” line (make it a solid line for y≤ or y≥, and a dashed line for y< or y>)
  3. Shade above the line for a “greater than” (y> or y≥) or below the line for a “less than” (y< or y≤).

Which number line shows the solutions to N <- 3?

The only correct number line is the fourth number line.

What is inequality on a number line?

Inequalities involve expressions and/ or numbers that are not equal. They commonly use the symbols below to show that one is greater or lesser than another. means Greater Than. < means Less Than. ≥ means Greater Than Or Equal To.

Which is a correct first step in solving the inequality?

Answer: The first step is distributive property. The solution of the given inequality is x<-0.2.

How do you write an inequality on a number line?

To plot an inequality, such as x>3, on a number line, first draw a circle over the number (e.g., 3). Then if the sign includes equal to (≥ or ≤), fill in the circle. If the sign does not include equal to (> or <), leave the circle unfilled in.

What is the missing step in solving the inequality 5 8x 2x 3?

Add 2x to both sides of the inequality. Subtract 8x from both sides of the inequality.

Which number line shows the solution to the inequality N?

Answer: The first number line represents the solution to the inequality n > 3. We know that the solution to n>3 is the set of all the values which are strictly greater than 3 i.e. the shaded region in the number line is to the right of ‘ 3 ‘ and goes to infinity with open circle at 3 since the inequality is strict.

What is the final step in solving the inequality?

Answer Expert Verified The process of solving the inequality will be: -2(5 – 4x) < 6x – 4 8x – 10 < 6x – 4 -6 < -2x x > 3 This is in accordance to the rule of solving inequalities which states that whenever we multiply or divide by a negative number while solving an inequality, we must reverse the inequality sign.

Who would be interested in using inequalities?

Answer Expert Verified People creating a budget may be interested in inequalities.

How can inequality be eradicated in society?

Introduce land reforms and raise taxation for the wealthy: We should work towards reducing asset inequality through redistributive land reforms but also through inheritance taxes, preventing monopoly of control over water, forests and mineral resources and reducing financial concentration.

What is the solution set of the inequality?

A solution set is the set of values which satisfy a given inequality. It means, each and every value in the solution set will satisfy the inequality and no other value will satisfy the inequality.

How do you introduce inequalities to students?

Ask students to list several possible values (i.e., distances) that meet the condition (i.e., more than 3 kilometers). Graph each value given on a number line. Then discuss with students the number of possible values that meet this condition and where they are located on the number line.

Which is a correct first step in solving 5 2x 8x 3?

Answer Expert Verified The first step on solving 5 – 2x < 8x – 3 would be 5 < 10x – 3. The first step is to add both sides with the term 2x. Hope this answers the question.