How do you harden Argentium in the oven?

How do you harden Argentium in the oven?

Note: Lower temperatures also harden Argentium Silver, but need a correspondingly longer time. The lowest temperature that can be used to harden AS is 350°F and requires 3-4 hours. Also note: I find that 2-3 hours at 450°F/230°C in a toaster oven makes my work adequately hard and tarnish-resistant.

Can you harden silver in the oven?

To harden, heat to 650°F (343°C) for 30 minutes, quench or air cool. For Continuum sterling silver, use a higher temperature of 800°F (427°C) for 30 minutes to harden. Fine and Sterling Silver will work-harden when rolled, drawn, or forged.

Can you work harden Argentium?

Is Argentium as hard as traditional Sterling Silver? Like traditional Sterling Silver, it can be work hardened. Additionally it can be hardened by a simple, low temperature heat treatment.

Do you need to flux argentium?

As with any alloy, the thicker the metal is, the easier it is to keep a soldered construction flat. Flux only the solder join. There’s no advantage to fluxing the whole piece, since Argentium sterling’s tarnish resistance improves by being exposed to oxygen during soldering and annealing.

Can argentium silver be enameled?

The ability to harden Argentium Sterling makes certain designs possible that may have been with regular silver. With the help of the enamlforum group where some have tested enameling on the argentium and are willing to share their finding.

Can you harden silver?

To harden the metal, you will be applying heat to the metal; whenever you apply heat to sterling, surround it with nitrogen, argon or forming gas or cover it with flux to prevent the metal from oxidizing. Note that fine silver cannot be heat-hardened.

What is the annealing temperature of silver?

between 1100F and 1200F
The best annealing temperature for normal softening of sterling silver is between 1100F and 1200F (593C. -649C). Temperatures above 1200F (649C.) tend to dissolve the copper-rich phase, and, unless the cooling rate is rigidly controlled, maximum softness will not be achieved.

Do you need to flux Argentium?

Can I use silver solder on argentium?

Although traditional silver solders can be used, I recommend using Argentium sterling solders. Since they contain germanium, they match the color better and tarnish less than regular silver solders.