How do you insure high-value items?

How do you insure high-value items?

There are a couple of ways to increase the insurance protection on your valuable possessions. You can increase the limit on your policy for personal items, or you can obtain broader protection through a floater or endorsement, which itemizes each piece, whether it be a single antique or an art or fine wine collection.

What is high net worth home insurance?

High net worth insurance is a collective term which describes the insurance products designed to protect people with high-value homes and possessions – including jewellery, antiques, collectables and overseas property – and those who travel frequently, either for business or personal reasons.

What is classed as a high risk item for contents insurance?

Antiques, rare books, china and porcelain, glassware, clocks, furs, gold or silver (including gold- and silver-plated) items, guns, medical equipment, musical equipment, sports equipment and garden machinery also count as high risk items.

What is considered a high value item?

In the moving industry, an item worth more than $100 per pound* is a high value item. We often think of antiques, collectibles, jewelry, and electronics as high value items.

What is a high risk item Admiral?

A high value item is: Any rare or unusual collectible articles. Audio visual, photographic or sporting equipment. Computers, laptops, tablets and notebooks. Jewellery, watches or pearls. Pictures, prints or works of art.

What is mid net worth home insurance?

A mid net worth policy doesn’t always cost more than a standard policy, especially if you’ve outgrown your standard cover. They are designed to protect higher value contents and will have higher single article limits and inner limits for things like alternative accommodation, finding a leak, art and jewellery.

What is considered a valuable item?

Valuable Items coverage supplements coverage for possessions of higher monetary value, such as a diamond engagement ring, your grandfather’s pocket watch, artwork, or a valuable collection.

What is high property risk?

High-risk property is a location that is inherently dangerous due to the nature of its operations or that is exposed to powerful forces of nature such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.

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