How do you maintain a pipette accuracy?

How do you maintain a pipette accuracy?

5 Tips to Improve Your Pipetting Accuracy

  1. Pre-rinse your new pipette tips before aspirating a sample for delivery.
  2. Ensure the tips immersion depth is correct.
  3. Ensure the micropipette is upright during pipetting.
  4. Apply consistent plunger pressure and speed.
  5. Good micropipette.

How do you clean and condition a pipette?

For organic solvents, allow the substance to evaporate on its own or immerse the part in a detergent and then air dry. For radioactive substances, place the pipette in a solution like Decon and then rinse and air dry. For proteins, rinse the contaminated parts with a detergent, rinse, and air dry.

How do you clean a pipette?

Open the pipette, immerse the parts in a detergent solution, such as Deconex® 12 Basic. Rinse well with distilled water and allow to dry. DNA can be eliminated by immersing pipette parts in at least 3% (w/v) sodium hypochlorite for at least 15 minutes (2,3). Rinse well with distilled water and allow to dry.

Why it is necessary to rinse the pipette after washing with water?

This water can act as a contaminant to the solution while titration, so rinsing and re-rinsing are done with the solution it is going to be filled with, is done so that no water is left in the pipette. Thus, rinsing is done to get rid of the residual water of the pipette.

How do you prevent pipetting errors?

  1. Practice a smooth and slow motion.
  2. Pre-wet the pipette tip.
  3. Hold the pipette vertically when drawing in liquid and at a 45-degree angle when dispensing.
  4. Immerse the tip slightly into the liquid during aspiration.
  5. Touch off the pipette on the sidewall of the container.

What are the maintenance of pipette?

Always use the pipette with attached tip of the proper volume. Do not invert the pipette while the tip is filled with liquid. During or after use, always keep the pipette (pipette controller) on the stand or holder. Perform regular maintenance of the instrument.

How do you reuse pipette tips?

Load the tips into an existing pipette tip rack by placing a refill insert into an existing pipette tip rack and firmly press down to dispense. These refill inserts come stacked in a cardboard sleeve that unfolds and reseals for efficient storage.

Why should the last drop of the solution not be blown out of a pipette?

A volumetric pipet should not be “blown out” to eject all liquid at the tip because volumetric pipets are calibrated in a manner that takes into account the solution which remains at the tip due to surface tension. The “high-tech”pipet bulb is an Eppendorf bulb. It can be placed firmly on the mouth of the pipet.

Why it is necessary to rinse the 50 after washing with water?

Explanation: It is important to rinse the burette after washing with water because if we use the burette without proper cleaning and rinsing then the result of the certain experiments using that burette will be inaccurate and the reading values may vary due to the droplets of water present in the burette.

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