How do you make a business card for music?

How do you make a business card for music?

Here’s what you’ll want to include on your card:

  1. Band or artist name.
  2. Facebook URL.
  3. SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or YouTube URL and a corresponding QR code (optional)
  4. Email address.
  5. Phone number.

How do I convert my business cards to digital?

5 ways to digitize your business cards

  1. CamCard transcribes business cards to your contact list.
  2. CardMunch makes it easy to connect to your contact’s LinkedIn profile.
  3. With WorldCard Mobile, you can export your business cards as batch files.
  4. POPWings enables business card sharing between NFC-capable phones.

How do I make my business cards accessible?

Make a large print version on the back of the card by printing the most important information in large, light print on a dark background. Add Braille to some or all of your cards. Add a QR (quick response) code with a link to an accessible Website that the reader can peruse using a mobile device such as a smart phone.

Can you print business cards on a laser printer?

Printer: Most business card paper is designed for a specific printer; either a laser or inkjet. Make sure you buy the paper that goes with the type of printer you own. Printing: If you’re going to do two-sided printing, you’ll want to choose a card that isn’t see-through or the ink can bleed through.

Should musicians have business cards?

If you meet someone at your gig, but they don’t have cash to buy your merch, they might be really interested in buying it from your website. If you give them a card, they have a professional, classy image of you to refer back to and remember how much they liked you.

What should a Musicians business card look like?

Your card is a reflection of your artistry to an extent. If your design is too plain, you’ll seem boring. Try creative touches like an interesting background, a photo of your band, or a different style of card altogether (such as a guitar pick). It’s not only in the design where you can have some fun, though.

How do I make an augmented reality free business card?

AR Card Tutorial

  1. Step 1: Design your Business Card.
  2. Step 2: Unity Project Setup.
  3. Step 3: Create the AR Reference Library.
  4. Step 4: Create an AR Scene.
  5. Step 5: Create Tracked Image Prefab.
  6. Step 6: Make it Pop.
  7. Step 7: Build and Test your app.

How much is a card scanner?

Credit card readers comparison table

Reader Style Cost
Square Contactless & Chip Reader Bluetooth. $49 (reader); $29 (dock).
Clover Go Bluetooth. $99.
PayPal Zettle Bluetooth. $79.
SumUp Plus Bluetooth. $19.

What are Braille business cards?

Braille business cards give immediate information to people with visual impairments while leaving a lasting impression on the community at large. Access-USA is North America’s largest producer of high quality braille business cards.

How do you add Braille to a business card?

In most cases, you will want your name, organization, and phone number Brailled on each card. We can Braille up to four lines, thirteen characters per line, on standard-sized business cards….Getting Started.

Line 1 Bob Jones
Line 2 The Braille
Line 3 Superstore
Line 4 800-987-1231

Which printer is used for business cards?

Epson makes great printers and the WF-7840 is ideal for printing business cards as well as a multitude of other business and personal projects.

What paper is used for business cards?

What Kind Of Paper Are Business Cards Printed On? Classic business cards are printed most commonly on 14-point cardstock (thick), 16-point cardstock (thicker), and 100 lb. gloss cover (thin).