How do you make a T2 jug iced tea?

How do you make a T2 jug iced tea?

When it’s time to chillax with a chilled tea drink, your T2 iced tea jugs with lids are the easiest tea jugs to use. Simply: Add two scoops of your favourite tea blend per 250ml cup to your iced tea jug infuser. Fill the jug with boiling water and let it brew for between thirty minutes and four hours.

How do I use my T2 iced Teamaker?

Iced tea for many

  1. Add 2+ teaspoons of tea to your Teamaker.
  2. Infuse for the recommended time (check the back of the packaging).
  3. Add ice to two heatproof glasses, then sit the Teamaker on top of each glass to dispense the tea.
  4. Top with fresh fruit to garnish.

Can you have T2 tea cold?

The totally cool T2 Jug-A-Lot lets you brew iced tea, chill and serve the most delicious mouth-watering iced tea drinks the easy breezy way! Simply: Add the tea and hot water to your iced tea jug.

What is a tea pitcher?

Tea Pitcher also can be called Cha Zhong or Fair Cup, which is used to hold tea liquid or deposit the broken tea leaves. Use Tea Pitcher to share tea and then the tea cup can hold same tea liquid, thus we also called it Fair Cup. Nowadays, Tea Pitcher is not only made of porcelain and glass, but also Yixing Zisha.

How do you use a T2 infuser bottle?

How to use a tea infuser bottle? Simply pop a scoop of your favourite T2 tea or tisane into the infuser, pour in the boiling water, allow the steam to escape and then screw on the lid to keep your brew piping hot, a smile on your face and a spring in your step all day long.

Can any tea be cold brewed?

You can cold brew any tea, and the process generally reduces the caffeine content by half of any tea you use. The result is a smooth, easy to drink tea that’s calming and refreshing. Think of how slow-roasting a dish over several hours creates delicious flavors that can’t be achieved by heating in the microwave…

How long does it take to cool iced tea?

Pour 8 cups of cold or room temperature water over the tea bags and give it a gentle stir. Pop the lid on the container and place it in the refrigerator for a minimum of eight hours (maximum 12 hours).

How do you use a pitcher for iced tea?

Product Actions

  1. Scoop any loose leaf tea into the outer sleeve and add hot water.
  2. Fill the inner compartment with ice and slide it into the outer sleeve until just above the tea.
  3. Once your tea has finished steeping, slowly press all the way down. Enjoy!

How do you use a pitcher of tea?

How to Use a Tea Infuser Guide

  1. Clean your tea utensils and mug. Always use clean mugs and infusers.
  2. Choose the right water.
  3. Bring water to a boil.
  4. Preheat your mug or a teapot.
  5. Put the tea leaves into your infuser.
  6. Place your infuser into a mug or a teapot.
  7. Let it steep.
  8. Enjoy and re-steep.

How do tea infuser bottles work?

How Does a Tea Infuser Work? The infusion process is all about having your tea leaves make the most contact with the water. The holes of the infuser allow water in to mingle with the tea leaves. As the tea leaves soak in the water, they mix their flavor with the water, brewing tea.

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