How do you make a table responsive in HTML CSS?

How do you make a table responsive in HTML CSS?

You can just wrap your

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Can tables be made responsive?

You can make tables responsive. Responsive tables will become smaller when possible. If not possible, they can read just their format so that mobile users can still read and use them. Like other website elements, tables should be responsive.

What is IMG responsive?

.img-thumbnail. Shapes the image to a thumbnail. Try it. .img-responsive. Makes an image responsive (will scale nicely to the parent element)

How do you make a data table look good?

When deciding how to style and format your table, prioritize readability and remove any visual clutter that may distract the eye.

  1. Choose The Best Row Style.
  2. Use Clear Contrast.
  3. Add Visual Cues.
  4. Align Columns Properly.
  5. Use Tabular Numerals.
  6. Choose an Appropriate Line Height.
  7. Include Enough Padding.
  8. Use Subtext.

What are the different types of layouts in PEGA?

Dynamic layouts contain views. Dynamic layouts facilitate the process of rendering the user interface in the HTML5 document type. Dynamic layouts maintain a fixed screen size. Dynamic layouts arrange items in a flexible form that automatically adjusts to screen size.

What is repeating layout in PEGA?

Repeating layouts are a type of layout used to organize lists, tables, and other repeating structures. This type of content can repeat an arbitrary number of times. Repeating layouts provide a structure for ensuring that the display presents the content elements consistently.

How to create a responsive table?

Link a table to an existing source

  • Manually create a table
  • Import data from another source
  • How to create a responsive form with CSS?


  • responsiveform1.css
  • responsiveform2.css
  • responsiveform3.css. It’s good to put forms that adapt to varying display sizes,on desktops,laptops,tablets and phones.
  • How to make nice tables in CSS?

    Zigzag Table. A table formatted in a zigzag diagonal layout.

  • Table with Pagination
  • Table with Frozen Table Header and Left Column. JavaScript (jquery.js)
  • Sort Table Rows By Table Headers. Sort table rows by table headers – ascending and descending.
  • Responsive Tables Using li.
  • Responsive Table HTML and CSS Only.
  • What is a responsive table?

    – useful with a huge amount of data and its size – ability to collapse and hide some data – a versatile form of data presentation