How do you pair Pure Jongo?

How do you pair Pure Jongo?

Select your wireless network. Enter your network password if required and tap Connect. Once you tap Connect the light will pulse and then turn solid green to show that your Jongo is connected. Open the Pure Connect App and select the music you want to listen to.

How do I connect my Pure Jongo to Wi-Fi?

Make sure Jongo is in range of your Wi-Fi network. Briefly press Jongo’s Wi-Fi button. Jongo’s power LED will start flashing green. From your iOS device, open Settings>Wi-Fi and connect to Jongo’s wireless network when it appears in the list.

What is Pure Jongo A2?

The Jongo A2 is the second addition to the Pure Jongo wireless family, and comes with Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity, and has analogue and digital outputs. The Pure Jongo A2 wireless hi-fi adapter has been officially launched, becoming the second product in the Pure Jongo wireless music system family.

How do I reset my pure speaker?

To factory reset your DiscovR speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth button at the rear for 10-15 seconds until you hear the voice prompt. Carrying out a factory reset will sign you out of your Amazon account and delete all stored settings including: Speaker name. Bluetooth memory (all paired devices)

How do you know when a Bluetooth speaker is charged?

The CHARGE indicator will not light up if the battery is fully charged. Depending on the model, the CHARGE indicator may not light up while charging the speaker with the power turned on. If the battery is being charged while the speaker is turned off, the CHARGE indicator will light up.

Why is my Bluetooth speaker not playing sound?

Check in your notifications panel or Bluetooth settings to make sure the speaker is connected for “media audio”. My android played fine through bluetooth speaker then it quit. Everything is charged and connected.

Why is Bluetooth not working?

Sometimes, to fix Android Bluetooth not working, you might just need restarting it; especially if it’s been left switched on for a while. Therefore, all you need to do is just simply off/on the Bluetooth connection. You’ll see the Bluetooth icon, tap on it to switch it off. Now tap on it again to turn it on.

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