How do you protect steel blue boots?

How do you protect steel blue boots?

How should I store my Steel Blue boots?

  1. Store your boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  2. Keep them in tip-top condition by taking them for a walk twice a month, if they’re stored away for extended periods.

How do you take care of steel boots?

Wear your boots around the house for several days to assist in the break-in period. Use a conditioner to help speed up the break in process. Clean your boots with a water-based cleaning agent and a nylon brush. Wet footwear and apply a water-based waterproofing agent like Nikwax Aqueous Wax.

How often should work boots be oiled?

work boots require constant application of leather condition. Applying the condition every month will be good as it will help maintain the boots’ natural oil to make them supple and soft. For those boots that do not experience activewear, you can do the condition after 3 or 6 months.

What are steel blue boots made of?

Boots made from high quality, long-lasting leather, including Nubuck, Full-Grain… Steel Blue boots feature elite Toe Cap technology that will suit any work environment. With heat resistance from 130°C to 300°C, the outsoles in Steel Blue boots are exceptionally durable.

What can you use to waterproof work boots?

Silicone spray is the easiest way to waterproof boots, but it is also the least durable. Plan on frequent reapplication as the coating will degrade over a week or two if wearing daily…if not faster. You’ll notice when it’s worn off. It’s also a good idea to apply a seam sealer.

Can you use olive oil on boots?

Olive oil, and every oily substance for that matter, will not “nourish” your leather, but actually accelerate its deterioration. Leather is extremely permeable, and will soak up any oils you put on it.

What can I oil my boots with?

When it comes to the best oils for your leather boots, you can never go wrong with mink oil, neatsfoot oil, obenauf’s oil, and some alternatives to them like jojoba oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Let’s face it leather boots don’t come cheap, and if they do, it is safe to assume that they are not made of pure leather.

Should I use mink oil on my boots?

Mink oil is a conditioner for working leather. This means you should use it for leather goods that see a lot of wear and tear. Even for daily beater boots, an occasional coat to remedy dryness or to prolong water protection is more than enough.

Who owns steel blue boots?

Ross Fitzgerald
Meet Ross Fitzgerald, co-founder of Steel Blue Boots. Ross’ company sells boots that are 50% more expensive than the average work boot – but 10x the value! Style, comfort and safety are at the heart of Steel Blue Boots’ success. 22 years on, business is still booming for this Aussie company.

Are steel blue boots vegan?

Yes you read that right! These boots are made from certified Vegan Friendly Material.