How do you put a tag back on?

How do you put a tag back on?

Pierce the care tag or side seam with the needle and squeeze the trigger. Insert the needle where you want to front of the tag to appear. When the fabric and tag are flush against the needle base, you’re all set. Gently pull the trigger one time, release it, and pull the gun away from the garment.

How do you use a pricing gun?

The gun is held in one hand and by pulling the handle upwards the labels are pulled through the gun by its internal mechanism and with the sticker coming out of the ‘mouth’ of the gun the labels are partly dispensed and then applied to the product.

How do you change a tag on a price gun?

  1. Pull the latches back and swing the cover open completely. You should hear a click.
  2. Pull the knob until the indicators are on the desired band. turn the knob until the desired character appears.
  3. Pull the latches back and.
  4. Place the label roll between the hubs and click into.
  5. Open the cover and remove the label roll.
  6. LOOK.

What are tagging needles used for?

Tags connected to items with barbs tend to stay put. The use of tagging guns is standard in the retail clothing industry. It helps protect your items from theft at the sale; tag switching is a common practice among consignment sale thieves.

How do you use a plastic tagging gun?

Insert the clips of the plastic barbs into the gun by gently pushing the “T” end of the clip into the “T” slot on top of the gun until it clicks into place. Remove the needle guard carefully and squeeze the trigger gently to check that the barbs are feeding correctly.

What is a hem tag?

What is a Hem Tag? The newest trend that has gained in popularity for the labeling industry, is the Hem Tag. These tags are those little folded logo tags you see placed on the outside of a clothing item. Often on the bottom of the shirt, but not exclusively!