How do you reprogram a Mitel phone?

How do you reprogram a Mitel phone?

To program a Phone Application:

  1. Press the blue Menu key and then press Settings.
  2. Press Programmable Keys and then press the key you wish to program.
  3. If Features are displayed, press View Applications.
  4. Select the desired application.
  5. Press Save.
  6. Press Close.

How do I reset my Mitel phone PIN?

On the Phone System menu, click Users. Right-click in the row that contains the user you want to reset the phone PIN for, and then click Reset Password. In the dialog box that appears, click Reset Phone PIN. The Reset Phone PIN dialog box appears.

What is Mitel number?

What is my DID number? Your DID number is your phone number. A “DID” is a telecom industry term meaning Direct Inward Dial, meaning someone can call you directly using your own phone number as opposed to calling a companies main number and then dialing an extension.

How do I mute my Mitel 5330 IP Phone?

1. To mute a call, select the Mute button on the keypad. 2. To turn mute off, select the Mute button on the keypad.

How do you pin a Mitel phone?

Plug the phone into its socket. Let the phone boot up and you’ll eventually see a message saying either: Use Super Key to send PIN. Use Hold Key to send PIN.

How do you transfer a Call on a Mitel 5330e IP phone?

1. While on the call, press (Transfer), and then enter the extension number. hang up. If the extension is unavailable, press the flashing IC or Call button to return to the caller.

How do I log into my Mitel phone?

  1. Press the Services button (globe icon) to display the Login screen.
  2. Enter your full 10-digit phone number in the “Subscriber” field.
  3. Use the blue toggle button to move to the “Password” field below.
  4. Enter your phone/voicemail PIN.
  5. Press the “Accept” soft key.

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