How do you say Apple in Brazil?

How do you say Apple in Brazil?

Portuguese word for apple is a maçã – YouTube.

How do you say Apple in other languages?


  1. German: Apfel.
  2. French: pomme.
  3. Spanish: manzana.
  4. Italian: mela.
  5. Portuguese: maçã
  6. Dutch: appel.
  7. Polish: jabłko.

What is banana in Portuguese?

noun banana-nanica noun.

How do you say Banana in Brazil?

In other languages banana

  1. American English: banana /bəˈnænə/
  2. Arabic: مَوْز
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: banana.
  4. Chinese: 香蕉
  5. Croatian: banana.
  6. Czech: banán.
  7. Danish: banan.
  8. Dutch: banaan.

How do you spell girl in Portuguese?


  1. small) menina (BR) ⧫ rapariga (PT)
  2. young woman) jovem f ⧫ moça.
  3. ( daughter) filha.

Which fruit is known as Chinese apple?

THE pomegranate, one of the world’s most ancient fruits, has had a long and fascinating history. Although it probably originated in Persia, cultivation spread quickly throughout the Mediterranean and extended to Arabia, Afghanistan, India and China, where it was called the “Chinese apple,” the alternate appellation.

What does Rapariga mean in Brazil?

In Portugal rapariga means ‘girl’ but in Brazil it sounds more like ‘concubine’ or even ‘prostitute’.

What do you call a Brazilian girl?

Brasileira is a female Brazilian and a brasileiro is a male Brazilian. A group of female Brazilians would be “brasileiras”; if there are men in the group, grammar makes you use the male word (“brasileiros”).

What is the apple in the Bible?

Forbidden fruit is a name given to the fruit growing in the Garden of Eden which God commands mankind not to eat. In the biblical story, Adam and Eve eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and are exiled from Eden.

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