How do you set a protected level property in SSIS?

How do you set a protected level property in SSIS?

First, in Microsoft Visual Studio (SSDT), locate the project name. Right-click on the project name and select Properties. Next, adjust the ProtectionLevel to match your SSIS project ProtectionLevel. Once they both match-up, the error message will disappear and you can execute your SSIS package.

How do I protect my SSIS package?

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) provides six package-protection options that pull together the concepts of sensitive-data protection and encryption.

  1. Encrypt all data with password.
  2. Encrypt sensitive data with password.
  3. Encrypt all data with user key.
  4. Encrypt sensitive data with user key.

What is default protection level in SSIS package?

EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey – This is the default setting. It means that when you create a package, SSIS associates it with your unique user key. If you save the package and then give it to someone else, they will be able to open it, but sensitive data will not be displayed.

Which package property will help you to encrypt package to restrict access to its contents?

ProtectionLevel property
To help restrict access to the contents of a package, you can encrypt packages by setting the ProtectionLevel property of the package. You can set this property to the level of protection that your package requires.

What is a TransactionOption property at the package level is this property only available at the package level or it is also available at the container level or task level?

The TransactionOption property exists at the package level, container level (e.g. For Loop, Foreach Loop, Sequence, etc.), as well as just about any Control Flow task (e.g. Execute SQL task, Data Flow task, etc.).

What is isolation level in SSIS?

ReadUncommited: Does not lock the records being read. This means that an uncommitted change can be read and then rolled back by another client, resulting in a local copy of a record that is not consistent with what is stored in the database.

How do I change the protection level of a package?

Open the package in the SSIS designer. If the Properties window does not show the properties of the package, click the design surface. In the Properties window, in the Security group, select the appropriate value for the ProtectionLevel property.

When TransactionOption property is set to supported what does it mean?

In the Properties window, set the TransactionOption property to Supported. The package supports transactions, but the transactions are started by task or containers in the package.

What is the default isolation level in SSIS?

Note also that the SSIS package elements also have an IsolationLevel property with a default of Serializable.