How do you use annotations in Struts2?

How do you use annotations in Struts2?

Annotations used in struts 2 application

  1. 1) @Action annotation is used to mark the action class.
  2. 2) @Results annotation is used to define multiple results for one action.
  3. 3) @Result annotation is used to display single result.
  4. Let’s have a look at the directory structure first.

What is validation framework in Struts?

The Validation Framework allows you to define validation rules and then apply these rules on the client-side or the server-side. JBoss Developer Studio makes using the Validation Framework in Struts even easier with the help of a specialized editor for the XML files that controls validation in a project.

What is the purpose of @result annotation?

The @Result annotation allows the definition of Action results in the Action class rather than an XML file. @Result(name = “success”, value = “/success.

What types of validators are available in XML based validation in Struts2?

Struts 2 – XML Based Validators

  • date validator.
  • double validator.
  • email validator.
  • int validator.
  • regex validator.
  • required validator.
  • requiredstring validator.
  • stringlength validator.

What is xml based validation in Struts 2?

Struts2 XML based validation provides more options of validation like email validation, integer range validation, form validation field, expression validation, regex validation, required validation, requiredstring validation, stringlength validation and etc.

What is validation framework?

The validation framework uses Spring’s powerful expression evaluation engine to evaluate both validation rules and applicability conditions for the validator. As such, any valid Spring expression can be specified within the test and when attributes of any validator.

What is the purpose of @typeconversion annotation?

This annotation is used for class and application wide conversion rules.

How do you do validation in Struts?

To enable the Struts 2 Action class to validate a user’s input on a Struts 2 form, you must define a validate method in your Action class….Add validate Method

  1. User must provide a first name.
  2. User must provide an email address.
  3. User younger than 18 cannot register.

What are struts tiles?

Tiles is a templating framework designed to easily allow the creation of web application pages with a consistent look and feel. It can be used for both page decorating and componentization. The Tiles plugin allows actions to return Tiles pages.