How do you use Iodosorb gel?

How do you use Iodosorb gel?

Apply IODOSORB* Gel on to a non-adherent gauze and apply to the wound at a depth of 3mm to 4mm. Place the gel face of the gauze on the wound surface and apply mild pressure for dressing placement. Cover with a secondary dressing like ALLEVYN* LIFE or ALLEVYN* Gentle Border.

Does IODOSORB heal wounds?

Use of IODOSORB Range helped reduce barriers to healing such as exudate, slough, pus, debris and bacteria, significantly reducing wound area** and increasing the chance of healing chronic wounds compared with standard care.

How often do you apply IODOSORB?

IODOSORB speeds up the healing process and reduces pain. Can be used for up to 3 months in a single course of treatment. 1. IODOSORB Paste should be changed when saturated with wound fluid, indicated by a loss of color, usually 2-3 times a week or daily if wound is discharging heavily.

Does IODOSORB remove Slough?

IODOSORB Gel is a sterile antimicrobial dressing formulation of Cadexomer Iodine. When applied to the wound, IODOSORB absorbs fluids, removing exudate, slough and debris and forming a gel over the wound surface.

Why does IODOSORB turn white?

IODOSORB helps to promote a clean wound healing environment. A change in color (white) indicates when IODOSORB should be changed. Gel formed over the wound promotes moist healing. Accelerated healing rates can lead to earlier patient discharges.

What does iodine do to an open wound?

Iodine is a highly effective topical antimicrobial that has been used clinically in the treatment of wounds for more than 170 years. It has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity with efficacy against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses and can be used to treat both acute and chronic wounds1.

Is IODOSORB the same as Betadine?

Iodosorb) – this treatment is iodine in starch. Unlike betadine, it is selective for many pathogens. Iodosorb is contraindicated in patients who have thyroid conditions and no more than 150g / week should be applied.

What is the purpose of IODOSORB?

Iodosorb ointment is for topical application. Iodosorb ointment is an antibacterial agent which cleans the wound, reduces pain and speeds up the healing process. 1. Clean the wound and the surrounding area with saline.

What does IODOSORB do to a wound?

What is Slough in a wound?

Slough refers to the yellow/white material in the wound bed; it is usually wet, but can be dry. It generally has a soft texture. It can be thick and adhered to the wound bed, present as a thin coating, or patchy over the surface of the wound (Figure 3). It consists of dead cells that accumulate in the wound exudate.

When should I stop using iodine on my wound?

Do not use topical iodine on deep, puncture wounds, animal bites, or serious burns. To do so may increase the chance of side effects.