How do you use the word chic?

How do you use the word chic?

elegant and stylish. 1 She bought a chic little hat. 2 I like your chic hat. 3 I like your haircut – it’s very chic.

What does a chic person mean?

cleverly stylish
1 : cleverly stylish : smart the woman who is chic adapts fashion to her own personality— Elizabeth L. Post.

What does chic style mean?

attractive and fashionable; stylish: a chic hat. noun. style and elegance, especially in dress: Paris clothes have such chic. stylishness; modishness: the chic of the firstnighters.

How do you spell Chique or chic?

Chique, or chic. Fashionable, or very elegant. The lady’s pink silk scarf is very chique/chic. Etymology: From the French term “chiq/chique”, used in the fashion world as “in vogue”, “fashionable”, “elegant”.

How do u say chic?

Chic is a French word, so remember, whether it’s an adjective or a noun, to pronounce it as “sheek” and not “chick,” so you can sound as chic as you look!

Is Chic a slang?

Over the years “chic” has been applied to, among other things, social events, situations, individuals, and modes or styles of dress. It was one of a number of “slang words” that H. W.

Is chic French?

1600: The word as we now know it is said to come from the old French term, “chicanery,” casually defined as “legal quibbling, and sophistry.” Some also link “chic” to a German word, “shick,” meaning “skill or tact.”

What is modern chic style?

Chic Modernist is a type of chic style that combines both the chic style with modern-day designs and styles. In the design world, chic means elegant, fashionable and trendy.

How do I look classy and chic?

30+ Tips on How to Always Look Elegant and Classy

  1. Wear neutral colors like black, white & beige.
  2. Wear clothes in solid colors.
  3. Monochrome looks are effortlessly chic.
  4. Wear matching colors like beige, camel and white.
  5. Opt for simple, matching jewelry in gold.
  6. Stick to neutral make up and hair colors.

Is Chic a good word?

It’s chic. Chic is when something is stylish, when something is cool, when something is proper, when something is ineffably, indescribably, great. And often, in our bubbling, malaprop-strewn lexicon, also when it isn’t.

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