How do you write a tourist leaflet?

How do you write a tourist leaflet?

A place of natural beauty.

  1. (i) How to reach there? ( Mode of Transport)
  2. (ii) Accomodation facilities (Stay/board/Iodge)
  3. (iii) What to see and visit?
  4. (iv) Places of interest nearby?
  5. (v) Best time to visit:-
  6. (vi) Shopping Attractions:
  7. (vii) Personal observations:-

What is special about Mahabaleshwar?

Mahabaleshwar is the perfect destination to relax and rejuvenate in leisure. Some of the famous tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar include Panchgani, Tapola and Pratapgad Fort. Kshetra Mahabaleshwar temple is another famous tourist attraction that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

How would you describe Mahabaleshwar?

It is situated about 4500 ft. above sea level on the Sahyadri spurs. It was the erstwhile summer capital of Old Bombay Presidency. The tourists are enthralled by its exotic greenery, beautiful gardens & breath-taking scenery.

What is the history of Mahabaleshwar?

This is how Mahabaleshwar was created. – The recorded history of Mahabaleshwar goes back to 1215 CE, when Yadava King Singham of Devagiri visited this place. He is believed to have built a temple as well as a small tank at the source of the Krishna river.

What is the format of a leaflet?

The leaflet, also called a folded flyer or brochure, is a product printed on a single sheet that’s folded once or more. So when we talk about the sheet we mean the flat format on which the graphics are printed – either on one side or both.

Why do you like Mahabaleshwar?

A wonderful getaway in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar was once a summer capital for the British of the Bombay province. It is a few hours’ drive from Mumbai and sees thousands of visitors every week. The scenic views and places of attraction, definitely, add to the charm of the serene hill-station.

How can I enjoy Mahabaleshwar?

Things to do in Mahabaleshwar

  1. Visit Mapro Garden.
  2. Take a Trip to the Popular Viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar.
  3. Go Boating on Venna Lake.
  4. Explore the Historical Pratapgarh Fort.
  5. Offer Your Prayers at the Temples in Mahabaleshwar.
  6. Explore the Scenic Waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar.

Why Mahabaleshwar is called Mahabaleshwar?

Reason Behind this Hill Station Named as Mahabaleshwar THis is popularly known as Panchaganga temple which is origin of 7 rivers-Krishna,Koyana,Gayatri,Savitri,Venna, Saraswati and Bhagirathi and the origin spots can be viewed in the temple… Located in Old Mahabaleshwar, this temple is arounf 400 years old…

Which God is in Mahabaleshwar?

Mahabaleshwar is bhagwan Shankar’s temple his temple is famous for its MAHALINGA. It is rudrakha shaped. Panchganga temple is a unique and ancient old temple (mandir) which is known for 5 rivers born (ugam). The river named Krishna, savitri, venna, gayatri and koyna flowing closely in Sahyadri mountains.

How do you make a leaflet step by step?

  1. Step 1: Decide on your format. In order to design a leaflet/poster you must first think about its purpose so you can then decide the information that .
  2. Step 2: Write your text.
  3. Step 3: Design your leaflet.
  4. Step 4: Print and distribute your poster or leaflet.

What is a small leaflet?

A flyer is also known as a leaflet, circular or handbill. It’s a single piece of paper, often printed on lower quality paper with only black ink. Flyers are an inexpensive way to distribute information to a large group of people in a short amount of time.