How far can you span C purlin?

How far can you span C purlin?

A four-inch purlin can span 12 feet. A six-inch purlin can span 18 feet. An eight-inch purlin can span 25 feet. A ten-inch purlin can span 30 feet.

How much does 4 C purlin cost?

4″ X 2″ – 30′ PURLIN
Our Price: $74.40
4″ X 2″ – 30′ 14GA PRIMED C PURLIN

What length do C purlins come in?

100mm to 400mm
Metroll offer a range of purlins and girts from 100mm to 400mm in Z and C profiles, cut to length, un-punched or punched.

How far apart should roof purlins be?

The purlin are ultimately used to fasten the roof steel providing a diaphragm effect, along with the siding, when properly engineered and installed. Spacing is typically 24″ on center in low snow loads and is reduced based upon truss span and snow load.

What size purlins do I need?

As per generals rule and guideline, you need a 4- inch (100mm) purlin for 3m span, 6- inch (150mm) purlin for 4m & 5m span, 8- inch (200mm) purlin for 6m & 10- inch (250mm) purlin for 8m span which can safely transfer the load to trusses.

What lengths do C purlins come in?

Cee Purlin lengths are cut to length from 6′-45′ in 1/8″ increments, though 20′ and 25′ are the most commonly chosen lengths.

What gauge is C purlin?

C Purlin, 4-inch x 20-ft 14-Gauges.

Can C purlins be used as rafters?

STRUCTURAL STEEL MEMBERS – C PURLINS C Purlins can also be used as columns and rafters for end wall framing or the framework for an entire building.

Can you lap C purlins?

C sections cannot be lapped. Z sections are manufactured with one broad flange and one narrow flange so that they can be lapped. Lapping increases the thickness of the metal over the interior supports resulting in higher load capacities in the lapped joints.