How fast is lawnmower racing?

How fast is lawnmower racing?

Given the right track conditions mowers can reach speeds of up to 50mph although track design serves to limit this and ensure that driver skill remains an important element of the sport. One of the best known events is the annual BLMRA 12 hour endurance race which has been held near Wisborough Green since 1978.

Where is lawn mower racing held?

It is played in Twelve Mile, Indiana, and it is organized by the Twelve Mile Lions Club. This contest began in 1963. Now there is also a video game based on the sport, which is called Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007.

Who started lawn mower racing?

Jim Gavin
Lawn mower racing was started back in 1973 by an Irishman called Jim Gavin, who, with a bunch of mates had gone down to The Cricketers Arms in Wisborough Green, West Sussex for a few pints one lunchtime to discuss his latest motorsport idea.

Who makes the fastest riding mower?

Honda’s new Mean Mower V2 broke the Guinness World Record for a lawnmower to go from zero to 100 mph, with a time of 6.29 seconds. At top speed, the mower can reach 150.99 mph, according to Honda. For perspective, the average riding lawnmower travels at 5 to 6 mph, says Davis Adams, a spokesman for Honda.

What is the fastest ride on lawn mower?

Honda’s new lawnmower is faster than some Ferrari models—and can still proficiently cut grass. The Japanese motor company’s Mean Mower V2 reclaimed the Guinness World Record for fastest lawnmower, hitting 100 mph in 6 seconds.

What is the top speed of a riding lawn mower?

While a riding mower has a maximum speed of around 4 MPH, a zero-turn mower can provide you with around 8 MPH. You’ll have the same expert cut on your lawn, but at a quicker speed, allowing you more time in the day to do what you want.

How fast can a Dixie Chopper mow a football field?

March 7, 2006 The Dixie Chopper Xtreme is the world’s fastest lawnmower. It has a 990cc 33-hp engine with the capability to mow grass at 15mph.

How fast do Dixie Choppers go?

around 11 mph
Dixie Chopper is known for their speed of cut (these perform at around 11 mph ground cutting speed). Blade speed is between 17,399 and 17,875 fpm.