How high is the Shanghai Tower observation deck?

How high is the Shanghai Tower observation deck?

Several of the world’s highest observations decks are in China. The Shanghai Tower, right, stands 2,073 feet tall, with 128 floors.

How tall is each floor in Shanghai Tower?

Shanghai Tower
Top floor 587.4 m (1,927 ft) (Level 127)
Observatory 562 m (1,844 ft) (Level 121)
Technical details
Floor count 128 above ground 3 below ground

How tall is Shanghai Tower tip?

Among the dazzling ziggurats of Pudong across the river from the Bund stands the tallest building in Shanghai – Shanghai Tower, a 632-meter (2,073 ft), 125-story above the ground and 5-storey underground.

Where is the highest observation deck?

The highest observation deck is located at 561.3 m (1,841 ft) on the 632-m (2,073-ft) Shanghai Tower (also known as Shanghai Center), a mixed-use office and hotel building in the new Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Shanghai, China, completed in 2015.

What is the tallest observation deck in the US?

the Willis Tower Observation Deck
Just how high is the Willis Tower Observation Deck? At 1,353 feet from ground level, Chicago’s most famous attraction is actually the tallest observation deck in the US! Check out these fun facts about the premier Chicago observation deck: Approximately 1.7 million tourists visit Skydeck Chicago every year.

Is Shanghai Tower taller than Burj Khalifa?

So the top was mainly added for height and looks and functions as an antenna tower. Functional height: The Shanghai Tower’s top floor is higher, and it’s observation decks (there are two) are higher. The public one on the 119th floor is at 561 meters compared to Burj Khalifa’s 555 meter (1,821 ft) deck.

Where is the highest observation deck in the US?

Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower
Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower, Chicago Sitting on the 103rd floor (over 1,350 feet up), Skydeck Chicago is the highest observation deck in the US. It’s one of those Instagrammable places in Chicago you often see on your feed.

What is the highest observation deck in NYC?

Edge at Hudson Yards
Edge at Hudson Yards – Most Foot-Tingling Edge at Hudson Yards is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. The knee-shaking platform extends out 80 feet from the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards, 1,100 feet above the Manhattan streets below.

Is the Strat taller than the Space Needle?

The Stratosphere tower is a whopping 1,149 feet tall. It’s the tallest building in Las Vegas and 544 feet taller than the Space Needle in Seattle. The Stratosphere tower is actually the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States.

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