How is ATAR scaling calculated?

How is ATAR scaling calculated?

Your ATAR is based on an aggregate of scaled marks in 10 units of ATAR courses comprising your: best 2 units of English. best 8 units from your remaining units, which can include no more than two units of Category B courses.

What ATAR calculator is the most accurate?

Best ATAR Calculators For 2022/23 Students

  • ATAR Notes HSC Calculator.
  • HSC Ninja ATAR Calculator.

How are ATAR subjects scaled?

The sum of scaled marks in 10 units of ATAR courses consisting of 2 units of English plus the next best 8 units. The aggregate is out of 500, as each unit is equal to 50. The average of HSC Exam mark and moderated school assessment mark. The HSC mark is an indication of your performance in the course.

Is talent 100 ATAR calculator accurate?

ATAR calculators are most accurate when you punch in your scaled marks – which you only get in December anyway – and even then, the accuracy of the calculation is limited by the old data that they use. Because of this, the figure you get from them should never be treated as a certain fact.

What grades do you need to get an ATAR of 90?

NSW. In NSW in 2020, the minimum aggregate required to score an ATAR of 90 or above was approximately 370, corresponding to an average scaled score of 37 per unit across 10 units.

Can you get a high ATAR with low scaling subjects?

There is a myth that taking high scaling subjects (Eg: Mathematics Extension 2) will allow you to obtain a higher ATAR. This is not the case – I took very low scaling subjects such as Mathematics (2U) and Biology as well as low-scaling humanities subjects such as Legal Studies, but was still able to gain a high ATAR.

Should I do 10 units for HSC?

You are doing the bare minimum, meaning all 10 units will count. You have a ‘backup’ subject, meaning that only your best 10 units will count towards your ATAR, so if you stuff up one subject, it is all good. I’ve heard a lot of people say you definitely must do 12 units, in case you mess up an exam.

What subjects get scaled up and down in ATAR?

For example, you’re told that if you’re really serious about getting a high ATAR, you should choose subjects like physics and chemistry, because they’ll scale your marks up. On the other hand, subjects like art and music are said to scale your marks down.

Which subjects scale the best in ATAR?

Physics and Chemistry are the highest scaling sciences and scale significantly better than Biology, mainly because they contain a significant portion of numerical calculations.

What is the average ATAR?

around 70.00
The average ATAR is usually around 70.00. If every school student went on to achieve an ATAR, the average ATAR would be 50.00. But because some students leave school early and the ones who stay on to receive an ATAR are a smaller, more academically able group, the average ATAR is higher.