How long are MacBook pros taking to ship?

How long are MacBook pros taking to ship?

MacBook Pro 2021 delays: What to expect 13-inch MacBook Pro: Tomorrow – 3 weeks. 14-inch MacBook Pro: 5 – 9 weeks. 16-inch MacBook Pro: 5 – 9 weeks. MacBook Air: 1 – 3 weeks.

Why are the new MacBook pros taking so long to ship?

High-end MacBook Pro models are experiencing extended delivery times due to component shortages and ongoing lockdowns in China caused by the global pandemic, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

How long are Macbooks taking to ship?

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is facing severe queues as well, according to the official Apple online store. The standard edition is about five to six weeks for estimated delivery, and the upgraded version has shipping times as long as five and eight weeks.

Are MacBook pros delayed?

MacBook Pro Shipments Still ‘Seriously Delayed’ By China Lockdowns. Apple supplier Quanta’s ability to manufacture MacBook Pro models at its Shanghai site remains seriously hampered despite the easing of lockdowns and resumption of production, reports DigiTimes.

How long does it take Apple to process an order 2022?

Apple processes orders in approximately 45 minutes from the time you place your order. In stock products take the least amount of time and can be shipped on the same day or the following business day. Custom configurations can take one to four weeks, depending on the demand.

Are Apple shipments delayed?

Apple Inc. shoppers are facing longer wait times for the company’s flagship MacBook Pro laptops, a sign that Covid-19 lockdowns in China may be contributing to delays. U.S. consumers trying to order Apple’s latest high-end models are now seeing delivery estimates pushed into June.

Who does Apple ship with UK?

For orders that are less than £200 Apple will send via the postal service. No signature is required and order tracking is not available. For products that cost more than £200 Apple changes courier service from time to time. You can expect the courier to be either TNT or UPS in the UK.

Why does Apple take so long to process orders 2020?

Right now there are worldwide shortages and huge shipping delays, so you can expect it to take longer. If Apple gave you an arrival date, the process will change to shipping about 2 – 3 days before that.

Does Apple ship early?

As seen in previous product launches, Apple works with delivery partners to try to keep the release date set for its hardware. Just two days after pre-orders began, Apple has started shipping the first batch of iPhone 13 orders to early buyers.