How long do Auto Trader ads last?

How long do Auto Trader ads last?

In all cases, your right to publish each “Run ’til It Sells” Private Seller Ad will expire 365 days after the date you submitted your original order for such Private Seller Ad, and such Private Seller Ad will be removed from the Website and our other affiliated services.

How to remove Auto trader ad?

Go to the Sell My Car page. In the right hand corner, click on the Manage or Remove Ad button. Enter your email address and Ad ID to log in to your account. Click the Remove Ad button at the top of the page.

Who is the actress in the Autotrader commercial?

As with previous instalments of the BBM campaign, the new TV advertisement will again feature the voice of British actor, Jennifer Saunders.

Can you get scammed on Auto Trader?

Don’t respond to any email that appears to come from (for example, by displaying our logo) and urges you to complete the sale or purchase of a car listed on our site. Such emails are scams. Other signs of fraud are emails that: Claim the security of a transaction is guaranteed by

How do I extend my Autotrader ad?

How do I edit, renew or remove my ad? Once you place an ad with us, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an edit link and your Ad ID. Click the link and use your Ad ID to log in. Follow the instructions to update or remove your ad.

Does Autotrader take a percentage of the sale?

If your car is less than $5,000 you may be less likely to want to spend money on advertising. But even for older, high mileage cars, the cost of advertising on Autotrader is typically 1% or less of the net profit.

Can I pause my Autotrader advert?

You’re unable to pause your advert for a select period of time. Once the payment has been made, your advert will run for the package duration. The only exeption is if you’re vehicle has gone in for repair and you have the relevant documents to evidence this, we can pause the advert for you.

Are Autotrader ads free?

We’ll keep it simple. Your adverts will be free. I am sure that worrying about paying your Auto Trader bill isn’t something you need right now. To help you with your cashflow, you will have an extra 30 days to pay for your March advertising and products.

Who are the actors in the Auto Trader commercial?

Published on October 15, 2021. Live from New York.. It’s an Autotrader ad! That’s right, the latest in Autotrader’s “Finally, It’s Easy” campaign from 72andSunny New York are ads starring comedic actor and entertainer Kenan Thompson.

Can you trust sellers on Autotrader?

If you decide that you’d like to sell your car privately, then AutoTrader is a safe and reliable place to do this. Not only do you have the potential to receive a lot of visits to your advert, but you’ll also have greater control over the information that’s displayed than some of the alternatives.