How long do you knead bread with a dough hook in a Kenwood?

How long do you knead bread with a dough hook in a Kenwood?


  1. Place the wholemeal and white flours, salt and yeast in the Kenwood Bowl.
  2. Set the timer for 1 minute and knead on minimum speed then set the timer for 4 minutes and on speed 1, until smooth and elastic.
  3. Using the Dough Hook on minimum speed for 30-60 seconds gently knead the dough to knock back.

What speed should dough hook Kenwood?

Start the mixer on a medium speed (Kenwood: 3-4) until the ingredients are combined. It shouldn’t take more than 30-60 seconds. 3. Turn the mixer down to speed 1 or 1.5 and set your timer to 3 minutes.

Can a Kenwood food processor knead dough?

The Kenwood Chef has a strong motor which is capable of kneading bread dough with ease, unlike some other versions and especially hand mixers. It usually comes with other attachments and others are available to buy if you need them, such as mincers and even sausage-making attachments.

Which Kenwood attachment for dough?

kMix Dough Hook Attachment from Kenwood.

How long do you knead dough in Kenwood mixer?

Add the flour, sugar, salt, egg whites and butter into the mixing bowl. Set the speed to 1. Knead for 5 minutes.

What is medium speed on a Kenwood mixer?

Speed 6
Speed 6 (medium) for creaming butter and beating frostings. Speed 8 (medium-high) for fast beating or whipping to make meringues and whipped cream.

How long do I knead dough in a food processor?

For example, if you hand knead or use a stand mixer, it usually takes around 15 minutes from start to finish. In a food processor, you can make dough in less than 5 minutes from start to finish and the added bonus is that usually the dough will rise faster because it is slightly warm after kneading.

What is the Kenwood K Beater used for?

Our unique K Beater is the signature tool of all Kenwood Chef and Major kitchen machines. Unlike many other beater designs, your K Beater will reach all areas of the bowl to achieve a superior mix. Use it to create amazing cakes, spicy meat balls, pasta dough, mashed potato, biscuit mixes and pastry.

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