How long does a Maytag Bravos washer last?

How long does a Maytag Bravos washer last?

A new washing machine has an average life expectancy of 11 years. Consumer Reports does not recommend replacing any appliance that is more than eight years old if it is a high-end model.

Does Maytag MVWX655DW have an agitator?

A: Not a traditional agitator (long stem) as seen in old-school top loaders, but it does have a flat agitator located on the bottom of the tank.

What size is Maytag MVWX655DW?

MVWX655DW. 28 Inch 4.3 cu.

Who makes the Bravo washing machine?

Maytag Bravos
Maytag Bravos is the culmination of over 100 years of fabric washing technology.

Are there any recalls on Maytag washers?

Maytag Washing Machine Recall Maytag is recalling about 5,000 front-loading washing machines. If the front-load washer is operated at maximum load capacity, the spinner could malfunction and break apart, posing a safety risk to consumers.

Does Maytag still make the Bravos?

SHOP MAYTAG® WASHERS AND DRYERS Replace — and upgrade — your Bravos® washer and dryer today. And if you might want to give a top-loading agitator washer a spin, check out our top-selling models MVW6230HC and MVW6230RHW. Best Dryers in 2022 – Buying Guide Find the best clothes dryer for your home.

What is the capacity of a Maytag Bravos washer?

The Maytag Bravos high-efficiency top-load washing machine (MVWB750W) is named the number one top-load washer by a leading consumer magazine. The high-efficiency washer is recognized for the largest capacity in the industry at 5.0 cubic feet (I. E. C.) that can wash up to 18 pounds of laundry per load.

Why is my Maytag Bravos washer so loud?

After many uses though, drive pulleys often get bent, cracked, and generally worn out which can create noise while the unit is running. If you find your Maytag washer making loud noise when spinning due to a defective drive pulley, it will need to be replaced.

Is Maytag washers reliable?

Prominent Dependability If you’re looking for a seriously dependable washer and dryer, Maytag delivers. As a big player in the laundry scene since 1893, they have engineered their appliances to maintain top-notch performance for years to come.

Who makes Maytag washers now?

the Whirlpool corporation
As one of the longest-standing and most reputable major appliance brands in the industry, Maytag has been a part of the Whirlpool corporation since 2006. Since this merger took place 15 years ago, these brands have become a constant in quality and reliability.

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