How long does it take a blue banana tree to produce fruit?

How long does it take a blue banana tree to produce fruit?

115-150 days
Quick Care Guide

Common Name(s) Blue java banana, ice cream banana, Hawaiian banana, blue banana
Days to Harvest 115-150 days from flowering
Light Full sun
Water: Consistent, every 1-2 days
Soil Well-draining, pH 5.5-7.0, free from fusarium

Can you grow Blue Java bananas in Texas?

Unlike most tropical fruits, the blue java banana plant can thrive in USDA plant hardiness zones 8-10, making California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina prime places to plant this ice cream banana tree.

How tall do blue ice cream banana trees get?

Banana Plant Ice Cream is a large perennial with a very tropical look long broad leaves, huge burgundy flowers and very tasty fruit. This is one of the larger banana trees boasting a stout trunk, robust root system and leaves that can reach 18 feet tall.

How many times does a banana tree bear fruit?

Banana stalks only produce fruit once, so it’s important to cut them back for new fruit to grow.

Can I grow a banana tree indoors?

With enough light and water, an indoor banana tree makes an excellent houseplant. A banana plant houseplant offers interesting foliage and white flowers emerging from purple buds. Keep in mind that while some banana tree varieties produce edible fruit, others do not—like that of Musa basjoo.

How do you winterize a banana tree in Texas?

Answer: Bananas will survive most Texas winters with the exception of the colder areas along the Red River and in the Panhandle. Allow the first hard freeze to kill the tops back to the ground, then trim to remove the dried stubble a few days later.

Will banana trees survive winter?

Temperatures below freezing will kill a banana’s leaves, and just a few degrees lower will kill the plant down to the ground. If your winters never get below the high 20s Fahrenheit (-6 to -1 C.), your tree’s roots may be able to survive outside to grow a new trunk in the spring.

How long do banana trees last?

So you could say that, from its first appearance from an underground rhizome to harvest, a banana’s life cycle spans only somewhere around 15 months to 2 years. Alternatively, if you consider the banana as a stand, as it is considered in commercial plantings, the entire stand may live 25 years or more.

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