How long does it take for a mulloway to grow?

How long does it take for a mulloway to grow?

In NSw, size at 50% maturity for males was estimated at 51 cm (2+ years of age) and for females at 68 cm (3+ years of age). Mulloway are known to spawn in summer in Australian waters.

Is mulloway good to eat?

Overview. Mulloway are well regarded as a good eating fish with firm white flesh and few bones. The fish may be cooked whole or as cutlets or fillets, with the fillets holding together well when raw and cooked.

How long does it take for a jewfish to grow?

Black jew grow to around 45 kg and 1.5 metres long, with a rapid growth rate, reaching 60 cm in around 2 years and maturity in around 4 years at 80-90 cm.

Are jewfish and mulloway the same fish?

Although these species may look similar, the tail is the key to identification. The rear edge of a mulloway tail is straight while the black jewfish tail flares out at the centre, giving the tail a diamond shape.

How big can mulloway get?

2 m
The Mulloway is a popular angling species that grows to 2 m in length.

What’s the best bait for mulloway?

Baits. The most successful bait for mulloway are small live fish such as mullet. These fish need to be caught before hand and care must be taken to keep them alive with an aerator and regular changes of water. If using a dead bait it must be as fresh as possible.

How big can mulloway grow?

Mulloway grow quickly in their first 6 years and in Western Australia they reach maturity at 80- 90cm, when growth rate slows4. They are a long lived species and known to reach over 30 years in age. Large specimens (>35kg) are relatively rare in local waterways.

Does mulloway eat herring?

They are particularly fond of eating small tailor, luderick (blackfish), trevally, yellowtail scad, pike, mullet, pilchards, garfish, tommy ruff (herring) and slimy mackerel.

Do mulloway eat prawns?

Mulloway are predators and occasional scavengers, feeding primarily on smaller fish, squid, octopus, prawns, marine worms and crabs. They do a great deal of their hunting under cover of darkness, but will also feed during daylight hours, especially in dirty or aerated water and under low light conditions.

Can you catch mulloway in winter?

The best spots to try for a mulloway are the deep water off the bottom of North Straddie and the hole in Cobby Passage. Winter is bream time when fishing around Jumpinpin, and that will be the focus of most anglers this month.