How long does it take to become a real sushi chef?

How long does it take to become a real sushi chef?

Skilled sushi chefs who prepare truly authentic Japanese sushi go through years of rigorous training, often up to 10 years, to become an itamae, or sushi master.

How long does it take a sushi chef to learn how do you make rice?

2 to 20 years
It is a common Japanese legend that a truly great itamae-san (“san” is an honorific suffix) should be able to create nigirizushi in which all of the rice grains face the same direction. Itamae training is conducted all over the world, including Japan, the USA and the UK. The process can take from 2 to 20 years.

What is the first step to becoming a sushi chef?

The first step of any aspiringdeshi, or apprentice, is to find a master under which to work and learn. Once they’ve done so, it might be years before they begin handling fish or preparing sushi. For the first few months, even up to a year, adeshi will be on cleaning duty.

How do sushi chefs train?

Education for a Sushi Chef

  1. Seek out a formal sushi chef academy—there are a few good schools stateside, and international opportunities exist in Asian countries.
  2. Pursue a traditional culinary arts degree, followed by professional courses in Asian cuisine and sushi arts.

How much do sushi chefs in Japan make?

The average sushi chef gross salary in Japan is ¥2,837,608 or an equivalent hourly rate of ¥1,364. In addition, they earn an average bonus of ¥46,537.

Can a white person be a sushi chef?

Of course a white person can be an accomplished and talented sushi chef: Race has nothing to do with one’s aptitude for omakase. And the expectation that a sushi chef fit a certain Jiro-like stereotype—Japanese, male, solemn, taciturn—smacks of orientalism.

Are sushi chefs respected?

Being a sushi chef in Japan is highly revered and honourable. An Itamae must handle their ingredients, knives, and customers with precision, grace, and charm. It is the reflection of Japanese culture’s deep appreciation of respect and honour.

Do sushi chefs get tips?

Servers and Sushi Chefs get tips based on percentage so if you’re a 100% server you get the Server Tip/the total percentage of everyone working. And if you’re less than 100% you multiply the 100% servers tip by your percentage to get yours.

What do sushi chefs say when you leave?

It is not customary to tip in Japan, and if you do, you will probably find the restaurant staff chasing you down in order to give back any money left behind. Instead, it is polite to say “gochisosama deshita” (“thank you for the meal”) when leaving.

Why does it take so long to be a sushi chef?

The skills required. Making sushi demands expert knife skills to cut and clean each fish in the appropriate manner. It also involves creating perfectly formed rice cakes, with the right balance of rice and vinegar to complement the fish it is being served with.