How long does it take to walk up the You Yangs?

How long does it take to walk up the You Yangs?

You Yangs Northern Range Circuit is a 12.3km, grade 3 hike located in the You Yangs Regional Park, Victoria. The hike should take around 4 hrs to complete.

Is the You Yangs hard?

Starting from the Turntable car park, this walk takes you to the highest point of the You Yangs. This is a challenging walk featuring 450 steps and rising 200m in elevation.

Are dogs allowed You Yangs?

Dogs are welcome in all NSW state forests Dogs are welcome in all state forests across NSW.

Are there toilets at the You Yangs?

There are nine picnic areas throughout the park, many with tables and accessable toilet facilities.

Can you ride horses in the You Yangs?

Ride your horse amongst the Sugar Gums of the Western Plantation, which offers a range of riding experiences. There are three looped trails, each clearly marked with arrows.

Are the You Yangs closed?

You Yangs Regional Park is open every day, including weekends and public holidays. The park is closed each evening. You Yangs Regional Park is 55km southwest of the Melbourne CBD and 22km north of Geelong. Access to the park from the Princess Freeway is clearly signposted via Lara.

Is You Yangs Regional or Metro?

You Yangs Regional Park is outside the Melbourne Metro lockdown area.

Are the You Yangs volcanic?

The views from Big Rock take in Geelong and the Western Volcanic Plains. The You Yangs Ranges are not the remains of a volcano. More than 400 million years ago, the area now known as the Western Volcanic Plains was under the sea. The You Yangs granite solidified about 365 million years ago.

Are the You Yangs a mountain?

The You Yangs are a series of granite ridges that rise up to 319 m (1,047 ft) above the flat and low-lying Werribee Plain in southern Victoria, Australia, approximately 5 km (3.1 mi) due west of the rural town of Little River, 55 km (34 mi) southwest of Melbourne CBD and 22 km (14 mi) north of Geelong.

Is You Yangs a part of Metro Melbourne?

Are dingoes allowed in national parks?

Instead, the Dingo is regarded as a wild dog under the Rural Lands Protection Act. Wild dogs are declared ‘noxious animals’ under that legislation, so they cannot be protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

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